‘OutDaughtered’ Grandma MiMi Arrested For DUI, Tries Covering It Up

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Michelle Theriot, better known as grandma MiMi of OutDaughtered, has been arrested for a DUI. The arrest and details of grandma MiMi’s arrest has been confirmed by TMZ. Unfortunately for those hoping this was just a clickbait title, it isn’t. Grandma MiMi of OutDaughtered was arrested for a DUI.

OutDaughtered Grandma MiMi arrested for DUI: What happened?

It was this past weekend in League City, Texas that OutDaughtered grandma MiMi was driving home. It was just after midnight. According to the police report, MiMi’s black Ford SUV caught their attention because it was swerving all over the road. She kept straddling the solid white shoulder line as she drove.

Cops reveal it was clear MiMi didn’t want to stop when they tried to pull her over. She, however, eventually did pull over.

The reality TV grandma tried to mask being drunk

Unfortunately, it sounds like grandma MiMi was well aware she had gotten behind the wheel drunk. Why? Well, because she tried to cover up the fact that she was drunk. As cops approach the vehicle, they recall being hit with a very strong perfume odor. Grandma MiMi of OutDaughtered, however, wasn’t fooling anyone.

The cops know how it works. It is extremely common for someone to spray a ton of perfume, cologne, or other body spray to hide odors they don’t want the cops to smell. Naturally, MiMi attempting to cover up the fact that she was intoxicated only made the cops more suspicious of the situation.

Cops reveal MiMi was in no condition to be behind the wheel of a vehicle. They describe her as lethargic. She had slurred speech. Her eyes were bloodshot red. After producing her driver’s license, cops asked if she had anything to drink. Grandma MiMi admits she had just a couple glasses of wine.

According to the cops, the OutDaughtered grandma later changed her story. Claiming what she actually drank was a couple Michelob Ultra beers. Regardless of what she had to drink, it was clear she was in absolutely no condition to be behind the wheel.

OutDaughtered grandma MiMi was extremely unsteady when she exited the vehicle. And, she bombed every sobriety test they gave her. MiMi tried to get back in her vehicle after the tests. Cops stopped her. Ultimately, they handcuffed her. And, took her to jail.

OutDaughtered is currently working on Season 8.

Fans recognize Grandma MiMi from her role in TLC series OutDaughtered. The reality TV show is currently working on production for Season 8. The series stars Adam and Danielle Busby along with their six beautiful little girls. The family landed in the spotlight after Danielle Busby gave birth to the only all-girl quintuplets on record in the United States.

Danielle’s mother MiMi has a huge role in the series. In fact, we know she moved from her own in Louisiana to Texas just so she could be closer to the girls.


Given this recent arrest, it is unclear how much of MiMi fans will get to see in Season 8 of OutDaughtered. So, is she still behind bars? Did Adam and Danielle post her bail? Unfortunately, we aren’t sure just yet.

So, does it surprise you to learn MiMi was arrested for a DUI? Does it surprise you that she tried to cover it up? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

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