‘Below Deck Med’ Reunion: Hannah Ferrier Confronts Captain Sandy

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The Below Deck Med Season 5 reunion is expected to be a dramatic one. There will be some shocking revelations from The Wellington. Monday night finally closed out the season. But it’s not over yet. The crew members reunited for a virtual reunion from various parts of the world.

The two-part Season 5 reunion will take place on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Host Andy Cohen and the crew will revisit the most talked-about moments of the season, including crew member firings and the other drama that happened onboard. The virtual reunion will also show former chief stew Hannah Ferrier confronting Captain Sandy Yawn.

Hannah Ferrier and Captain Sandy Yawn go head-to-head

Below Deck Med fans weren’t sure if Hannah was going to make an appearance at the reunion. Earlier in the season, Captain Sandy fired her for having unregistered Valium and a CBD pen. The two will revisit their complicated working relationship. Bravo gave viewers the first look at the reunion.

The video shows Hannah and Sandy having a tense discussion. They don’t look happy to see each other. Sandy revealed her decision to fire Hannah. She claims that it wasn’t personal, it just had to do with maritime law.

“You didn’t trust me because I had medication. Or what?” Hannah asked. At first Sandy claimed that Hannah “lied” and she was “dishonest.” The Below Deck Med alum wanted to know what she meant by that. Sandy told Hannah that she didn’t register her medication and she had marijuana on her.


“It’s not about your anxiety or mental illness, it’s not about any of that…” Sandy tells Hannah. “This is about a captain making the decision what’s best for her vessel and the owner and for following protocol and that’s exactly what I did.”

Hannah just looks at Sandy with a smile on her face. As viewers recall, the chief stew didn’t have marijuana onboard. She had CBD, which derived from the hemp plant, and doesn’t contain any THC. Unlike marijuana, it doesn’t produce intoxication.

What else happens during the reunion?

During the Below Deck Med reunion, Hannah will talk about her pregnancy. She’ll also discuss the moment when she quarreled with bosun Malia White over cabin arrangements. Christine “Bugsy” Drake will address what it was like to work with Hannah again and her experience with taking over as chief stew.

Of course, there was a lot of drama in the past season. Chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran will be back to discuss his Las Vegas-themed dinner, which ultimately led to his firing. He’ll also reveal what he’s been up to since leaving The Wellington. Chef Tom Checketts, who joined following Kiko’s departure, will talk about his meltdowns in the galley and then-girlfriend Malia.


In fact, there’s a lot of relationships to talk about. Bugsy and Alex Radcliffe will share where they stand today. Aesha Scott will address her flirtatious relationship with deckhand Robert Westergaard. And of course, Rob and Jessica More will reveal what happened after the charter season ended.

Part one of the Below Deck Med reunion airs Monday night, October 19 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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