Thirsty Fans Love Daddy’s Thigh Gap, Desire More Adam Busby Photos 

Adam Busby Instagram

Thirsty OutDaughtered fans were sent into a frenzy thanks to a recent snap of Adam Busby on the Instagram of the Graeson Bee Boutique. What was it that had fans of the reality TV dad so hot and bothered? Well, it was a combination of the sizzling picture and something none other than Uncle Dale Mills penned in the comments.

Adam Busby’s thigh gap has OutDaughtered fans thirsty for more.

The Instagram post was a promotion for the Dad Kai Micro Striped T-Shirt. And, who better to model the t-shirt than Adam Busby himself?

Adam Busby paired the lightweight t-shirt with a pair of snug blue jeans that had a hip purposeful tattered look. He had both of his hands slid into his pockets as he stood with his legs apart. The had a smile on his face as he posed for the camera. According to the caption, they had this gorgeous shirt available in boy’s sizes too. Given the fact that they have quints they enjoy dressing alike, it isn’t too surprising that they enjoy “coordinating dad and son looks.”

A quick scroll through the Instagram account reveals it is pretty rare for Adam Busby to be featured in a post. The posts usually feature Danielle or some of the quints. Occasionally, they get another family member involved. Especially if they need a male model for the boy’s clothing.

So, it isn’t too surprising that this rare snap featuring Adam Busby got fans going.

Uncle Dale Mills is who sent fans into the frenzy.

It was Uncle Dale Mills that called attention to Adam Busby’s thigh gap in the photo. And, what a gorgeous thigh gap it was! Now, Adam Busby is happily married with a beautiful wife. He’s also the father of six beautiful little girls. But, that doesn’t mean his fans can’t appreciate his chiseled physique. After all, we know he hits the gym a lot. And, he looks great without a shirt on.

Several individuals liked Uncle Dale Mills thirsty comment. There was also an individual who begged for them to start posting more photos of Adam Busby modeling the clothing. Unfortunately, it is pretty rare that the Busby family interacts much in the comments of the Graeson Bee Boutique’s Instagram. Moreover, this Instagram doesn’t have nearly as big of a following as the other accounts. Still, that isn’t stopping those who do follow the account from appreciating that perfect thigh gap.

So, do you find Adam Busby attractive? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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