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‘Big Brother All-Stars’: Rumors Flying Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott Are More Than Friends

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Are things romantically heating up between two of the houseguests on Big Brother All Stars? Fans seem to think so. Many are speculating on social media that there was a possible kiss between two people on the live feeds. Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott were seen either whispering or possibly sharing a goodnight kiss. So, what really happened in the video?

Did Memphis and Garrett kiss?

A video is circulating online about a moment between Memphis and Garrett. Many think she leaned down and kissed him behind a blanket. While this is of course a possibility, many also believe it was just a whisper. Some think Christmas was just being careful for the mics to not hear what she was saying.

Screenrant shared the details of this occurrence on live feeds. It really could go either way watching the video. Keep in mind, they both are in relationships, but neither are married. Big Brother 21 star Katt Dunn called attention to the alleged kiss. She even shared a YouTube video of the moment. She wrote on Twitter, “MEMPHIS AND CHRISTMAS DID WHAT NOW.”

It’s very divided on what fans think. Some claim to have heard a peck, others insist she was just whispering. She even said something along the lines of did I say it too fast. And, at the end of the clip Memphis says, “She’s got jokes people.” Many think the comments were said to throw viewers off.

Other speculation

There is other examples or coincidences that made fans question a possible showmance between Memphis and Christmas as well. One being that someone thought they heard them saying something about “in the shower.” Of course, this could be anything or anyone. And, shortly after the live feeds were cut off.

Then there is Memphis’ girlfriend’s Instagram. According to reports, her Instagram was set to private upon the show starting. Now it is not. And, it is being said that she just deleted all photos of Memphis from her account. Coincidence or not? Dominique has stayed under the radar for the most part, until now.

While she may have deleted her pics, Memphis still has his. And, just two weeks ago a post was shared wishing Dominique a happy birthday.

There is one other huge piece of information to add to the speculation. Prior to the show beginning, Memphis was asked by Lauren Zima who he would ever have a showmance with. Memphis actually dropped Christmas’ name. He said, “If Christmas decides to show her face in that house, it might be someone I could at least have a good conversation with.”

What do you think is happening between these two?

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