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‘Below Deck Med’: Jessica More Spills The Tea On Aesha Scott

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Below Deck Med star Jessica More has a lot to say about Aesha Scott. As fans know, she’s not crazy about the second stew. Last Monday’s episode was all about #ButtGate. Jessica accused Aesha of grabbing Rob’s butt during a group photo.

However, it’s hard to tell if it was intentional. Even Aesha denied grabbing his behind. Her hand accidentally slid to his lower backside since he had on a backpack. But Jessica has more to say about Aesha.

The model isn’t just mad that Aesha grabbed Rob’s behind. She claims that there’s more to the story. It’s clear that Jessica and Aesha aren’t good friends.

Below Deck Med – Jessica More calls Aesha Scott “dismissive” and “condescending”

Jessica More claims that Aesha Scott acted “dismissive” and “condescending” towards her during Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5. From the moment that Aesha stepped foot on the Wellington, Jessica had issues with her. Many fans assume that Jessica has a jealous streak. She often talked about her insecurities in her relationship with Robert Westergaard.

The brunette beauty didn’t like it whenever Rob gave Aesha attention. Jessica claims there’s more to the story than what fans see on the show. The most recent episode showed Jessica having a meltdown after Aesha grabbed Rob’s butt during a photo with the charter guests. It was more of an accidental graze, rather than an intentional grab.

Since the drama went down on Below Deck Med, fans took to social media to share their thoughts. Many of them have a lot of opinions on Instagram and Twitter. One fan posted a photo of Jessica with the caption, “Who else thinks Jess overreacted!?” In the comments section, fans took Aesha’s side and called Jessica jealous.

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[Screenshot from Jessica More’s Instagram comment]
However, there was one user who defended Jessica and argued that Aesha was disrespectful. The third stew responded to the fan and spilled some tea. “That’s actually how I felt. Her whole time on board she dismissed me and was condescending to everything,” Jessica wrote. “[shrug emoji] made it hard to like that bubble [sic] nice person everyone else gets.”

Jessica revealed there’s another side to Aesha that fans have not seen.

Both ladies don’t follow each other on social media

In a previous episode of The Below Deck Med After Show, Aesha Scott said she had a hard time making friends on the yacht. She also made it clear that has no interest in becoming friends with Jessica More.

“Because I came into that crew so late, I didn’t feel like I had any great connections with anyone,” Aesha said. “I knew that none of them would be lifelong friends. So I just acted like Jess and I were fine. I didn’t really care because it’s not like we’re gonna be mates forever.”

Chief stew Christine “Bugsy” Drake was aware of the drama between the stews. But she didn’t know it was that bad.

“I thought you guys had a civil friendship,” she told Jessica on the After Show. “Are you guys not friends?”

“I thought so too but then we were following each other [on social media] at one point,” Jessica responded. “And then we weren’t. Rob didn’t help with that scenario.”

The season finale of Below Deck Med Season 5 is on tonight. It’ll be interesting to see what Jessica and Aesha will say during the reunion episodes. Jessica and deckhand Alex Radcliffe already called the virtual chat intense and explosive.

Whose side are you on? Jessica or Aesha? Sound off below in the comments section.

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