Is Amy Roloff & Chris Marek’s Wedding Postponement A Bad Thing?

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Little People, Big World fans were devastated to learn Amy Roloff and Chris Marek have postponed wedding plans because of COVID-19. Naturally, the timing of the postponement has caused a lot of nasty rumors to swirl.

Some of the nasty wedding postponement rumors.

For starters, some suspect Chris Marek is already growing tired of Amy Roloff and doesn’t want to marry her anymore. And, postponing is just a way to put off the wedding being cancelled.

We saw Amy Roloff get engaged with Chris Marek during Season 20 of LPBW. We, however, know Chris Marek had some pretty big regrets about that very special moment being televised. Is he having second thoughts in being in marriage that would probably always be in the public eye?

There are, however, many who support Amy Roloff and Chris Marek. And, they believe COVID-19 is truly why the wedding has been delayed. In fact, some think the wedding postponement news might actually be a good thing. Wondering why? Keep reading.

Amy Roloff is leaving Roloff Farms, deciding what to do with her portion.

Those tuning into Season 21 of Little People, Big World are watching Amy Roloff drag her feet on leaving the Roloff Farms. At first, both family and viewers at home were supportive and understanding of the difficult mood. They, however, quickly grew tired of Amy. They thought she was procrastinating. And, even her typically supportive son Zach was ready for things to move forward.

LPBW fans believe Amy Roloff postponing her wedding is a pretty good sign that it isn’t going to happen on the Roloff Farms property. And, considering Zach describes the environment of Roloff Farms as toxic when his mother and father are both there… Fans can only assume Amy getting married on the property would just make the drama worse.

Those who follow Amy on social media, know she admitted to being a very traditional person.

A wedding is a great day to begin the rest of your life together. Weddings are very important to me. Letting those that you want to be there to help you through that commitment.”

Given how traditional she is and what she wants, it is understandable why she has been taking her time with planning. And, unfortunately, COVID-19 makes it hard to do anything traditionally. So, postponing until things are less hectic makes sense.

Zach Roloff hints at the real reason the wedding is postponed.

Zach explained to Us Weekly one of the biggest issues was finding a venue. Finding a venue is always a challenge, but the pandemic is just making it harder. Fans suspect Amy put it on hold because she doesn’t want to have her wedding with Chris at Roloff Farms. In fact, she insisted Roloff Farms would be a last resort.

So, do you think postponing the wedding so they don’t have it at Roloff Farms is understandable? Sound off in the comments.

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