Zach Roloff’s Sympathy For His Mother Amy Has Run Dry & Here’s Why

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We already reported that Zach Roloff was extremely supportive of his mother Amy Roloff moving away from Roloff Farms. He believed it was a healthy decision. His mother needed to get out of the toxic situation she was in. Distance was best for his mother and father.

And, fans suspect Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler could use the space for the sake of their relationship. There, however, is a limit to how much patience and support Zach has for his mother. And, it sounds like his is wearing thin.

Zach Roloff is ready for his mother to move forward with her life.

Being in the middle of his mother and father has to be an unfortunate situation for Zach. So, LPBW fans don’t find it too surprising that he would have strong opinions. Matt admitted to the cameras that he’s a pretty big mama’s boy. He’s always been on his mother’s side. Very supportive of her. But, her procrastination with moving out and making decisions is causing his patience with her to run dry.

I’m a fan of my dad taking over the whole farm. I think it’ll be healthier for everybody when my mom moves off the farm.”

During Little People, Big World Season 21, Episode 2… Zach Roloff admitted he’s running out of sympathy for his mother, Amy. Normally, he’s always on his mother’s side when she fights with Matt. But, he’s growing sick of it. And, honestly, so are the viewers at home.

“I’ve always sided with Mom, but I’m probably a little bit more like, ‘Hey mom, sympathies are done. Let’s roll.” He admitted during a conversation with his father.

It would be nice to see the farm in a better place. There’s a lot of indecisiveness. And I tend to sympathize with my mom a lot historically, especially over the years. But in this particular situation, it’s becoming difficult.”

He doesn’t think Amy staying would be a good idea.

One of the biggest reasons why Zach Roloff supports Amy moving and getting on with her life is because he thinks it is necessary. He doesn’t believe it would be good for Roloff Farms or the family if she continued to stay.

He continued to explain: “Health wise, it’s in her best interest to move off. You know, two different people are living on it that don’t really get along. There’s gonna be conflict if things don’t get resolved soon.”

Ultimately, it sounds like Zach Roloff fears things will get ugly if his mother Amy doesn’t pick up the pace and move soon. Zach seems just as frustrated with his mother’s procrastination as the LPBW fans are.

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