‘Vampire Diaries’ Matthew Davis & Paul Wesley Twitter Feud Ends With Apology

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Vampire Diaries co-stars Matthew Davis and Paul Wesley got into a heated Twitter feud while watching the 2020 vice presidential debate. Matthew Davis is known for his role as Alaric in the series. And, Paul Wesley played the role of Stefan Salvatore. Fortunately, it seems as if things have settled down between the pair of actors since the feud. But, if you are wondering what happened now that the dust has settled… Keep reading for the scoop.

Vampire Diaries star Matthew Davis apologizes to his followers.

On Thursday night, Matthew Davis did take to Twitter to apologize to his followers. He apologized for getting “snappy” before he proceeded to explain why the feud with Paul Wesley played out the way it did. “It’s been so combative round here these days I find it’s making me edgy,” he explained. He concluded his tweet by saying he was sorry for upsetting his followers or making anyone feel uncomfortable with his words. It certainly wasn’t his intention.

He added in response to his own tweet: “I have to remind myself I’m not in the Alamo. I’m in my living room.”

The Vampire Diaries star’s followers showered him with love and support. Many noted they believed he was a good guy and they were not upset by what he said during the fight with his former co-star. Some hoped he was only apologizing for the way he responded. Why? Because there was nothing wrong with him having an opinion.


Did he apologize directly to Paul Wesley?

Technically, this isn’t a question that can be answered with absolute certainty. No, he didn’t issue an apology specifically to his co-star on Twitter. But, that doesn’t mean he didn’t apologize to him. In fact, one individual noted his followers have no way of knowing if Matthew perhaps spoke to Paul privately after the fight.

“Well, what makes you think they didn’t speak on the phone? Unlike the many brats that don’t know how to tell between fiction and reality, these two are adults. Disagreements and verbal fights happen. If it didn’t speak,I’m sure they will overtime,” one follower insisted.

This morning, Matthew Davis did take to his Twitter once more.

Matthew wasn’t interested in any backlash from his followers. So, the Vampire Diaries alum simply told his followers they could unfollow him if they didn’t care for what he had to post. After all, it was his page and these were his thoughts. Moreover, he didn’t need to know they were unfollowing him beforehand. They could just go if they wanted to.


Matthew has also filled the afternoon with additional tweets explaining himself and some of his believes. Though, his followers have doubled down on the explanations not being necessary.



Has Paul Wesley mentioned the Twitter feud with his co-star?

A quick scroll through Paul’s Twitter reveals he hasn’t had much to say since he got into it with his former co-star. But, here are some of the tweets from the feud if you missed it. In fact, he really isn’t that active on social media.




Now, it does appear as if Matthew Davis decided to delete some of his tweets from the feud. But, Paul’s responses remain on Twitter. And, unfortunately for Matthew, once you post something on the Internet… It is very hard to take it back.

So, do you have any thoughts on their Twitter feud? Tell us about it in the comments!

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