’90 Day Fiance:’ Paul Staehle Posts Video Of Himself Feeding The Homeless

Paul Staehle 90 Day Fiance instagram

90 Day Fiance Paul Staehle recently took to Instagram to post a video of himself feeding homeless people. The comments under the posted from viewers are priceless!

Putting some good into the world

Paul Staehle has acted pretty weirdly lately, but it looks like he may be trying to reverse his poor image. Paul shared a video of himself handing out food to homeless people. Seems a little cheesy right? But at least he’s doing something for someone other than himself.

Paul Staehle’s shady history

Paul Staehle, 37, and Karine Martins,24, starred on the popular tv show, 90 Day Fiance, this year. The couple seemed very much in love at the time. Karine moved to America from Brazil to be with Paul, along with the couple’s small son. Things got a bit shady when Paul admitted to having a criminal charge on his record for arson. Paul’s issues continued as he struggled to find a job. Karine eventually gave Paul the ultimatum to find a job or she and their son Pierre would return to Brazil. Paul never did get a job and he once again took to social media to let people know that Karine left and filed a restraining order against Paul. Paul in turn decided to get a restraining order again Karine, according to Us Weekly. Both of them have dropped their restraining order. But they haven’t made it public whether they are back together.


Paul Staehle’s good deed

Paul decided to post a video of himself feeding homeless people in Louisville. He thought it was a good idea, but fans of the show didn’t think so. Let’s look at a few of the comments that people posted below the video. “Why record a good deed? My biggest pet peeve, just be nice if you want to but why post about it?” one person asked.

Paul, of course, didn’t respond to that comment. Another fan commented, “A good deed is a selfless act. When you post about it you’re being selfish and looking for a pat back. Do you want a pat on the back for being kind? Sorry, can’t do it. Now if someone saw you doing it and they posted it that would be different. Also, don’t put homeless people out there like that, it’s not ok. Wow, a lot of harsh comments so far! Let’s see what others had to say! Paul, I don’t get it, Arent you homeless too?” an Instagram user asked.

Final thoughts about Paul Staehle

It seems most people aren’t buying Paul’s newfound kindness, but some are. They think it’s nice to see him do something positive for a change. Maybe now he can get a job and pay for the second child Karine says she’s carrying.

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