Lisa Rinna Kisses Fans, Isn’t Interested In Simmering Down

Lisa Rinna kissed her Instagram fans with a bit of “f*ckology” a few hours ago.  And, if you are wondering what that means exactly… Keep reading.

Turns out, Lisa Rinna was feeling feisty today.

The The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had a bit of “f*ckology” for her followers today. And, she sealed it with a kiss.

“I could simmer down but I like myself when I’m all feisty and sh*t.” The f*ckology meme she shared on Instagram read.

As we previously reported, things recently got a little controversial on Lisa Rinna’s Instagram account. She shared a sizzling bikini snap. Next, she teased tips on dieting and exercising. Then, she pushed her political views on her followers. Finally, she reminded everyone to vote.

Now, a gentle reminder to vote likely wouldn’t have sent her followers into such a negative frenzy. But, sneaking her political views into a sexy post, really left a bad taste in the mouth of her followers.

Those who follow Lisa Rinna on Instagram know she really isn’t one to care much for receiving backlash. In fact, she often responds to it with an equally controversial post that just sets people off further. So, no one was really too surprised to see this feisty f*ckology meme show up on Lisa Rinna’s Instagram.

What do her followers think about her latest sass?

The responses to her latest Instagram post were pretty mixed. Some were here for all of the sass. They jested that they felt the very same way. Even Savannah Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best appears to have approved of the feisty post. Savannah’s approval was just a subtle like of the post though. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoyed seeing this side of Lisa Rinna. Some were just as angry with the Bravo star as they were when she tried to push her political views on people.

A few insisted the post wasn’t very classy. And, they really thought Lisa Rinna should consider trying to grow up.

Now, a lot of Lisa Rinna’s followers found the post relatable. Many tagged their friends. Some tagged friends and noted the post sounded exactly like said friend. Others thought it sounded like themselves. Scrolling through the comments further, it seems the biggest issue with the post was the foul language. Had the Bravo personality censored herself… Her fans would not have responded to the post so negatively.

The real question is what do you think about Lisa Rinna announcing she is capable of “simmering down,” but just isn’t interested in doing so. Were you upset by her recent political post? Sound off in the comments.

Trisha Faulkner

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