Isabel Roloff Gets Sassy With Trump Supporter On Instagram

Isabel Roloff Instagram

Isabel Roloff is a very passionate and opinionated storyteller. She has very strong beliefs. And, she doesn’t waiver on them. Anyone interested in learning more about Isabel Roloff’s beliefs should definitely follow her on Instagram. She treats her platform more like a blog. And, her followers are here for all the detailed powerful messages!

Isabel Roloff recently reminded her followers that she’s human.

Being an extension of the LPBW family, Isabel Roloff has a spotlight on her whether she wants it or not. Unfortunately, that spotlight doesn’t always come with positivity. In fact, Isabel Roloff is no stranger to trolls. But, she’s never been afraid to clap back at them. She, however, admits there was a time where trolls got the best of her emotionally. Based on her recent Instagram posts, she seems a little stronger now. And, she seems to care a little less about what the trolls have to say!

That being said, Isabel Roloff is still human. Even if it is hard for people to see… Because she is a social media influencer. And, an extension of a reality TV family. The unfortunate truth is people sometimes forget social media influencers like Isabel Roloff are still just humans with real feelings. And, they tend to treat them with very little kindness.

According to Isabel, she recently stumbled across an article about her. The article, however, described her lengthy captions as “ridiculously long.” Isabel took to Instagram to admit reading that stung a little. And, she knew she shouldn’t care what people thought. But, she did. Notably, the outlet has since apologized for hurting her feelings with the improper description of her captions.

The social media influencer gets sassy with a Trump supporter.

One individual took to the comments of Isabel Roloff’s post. They wanted to discuss something that had nothing to do with this post. Politics. Isabel has very strong beliefs, as we mentioned previously. And, she isn’t afraid to defend or discuss them. Isabel was quick to clap back at the Trump follower who felt the need to unnecessarily post in her comments.

“Not if he KO’s first,” Isabel fired back with a shrugging emoticon. This sassy response likely refers to the fact that President Donald Trump recently got diagnosed with COVID-19.

At the time the screenshot below was taken, a dozen of her followers had liked her response.

“This is an incredible answer,” one follower chimed in.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

So, what did you think of Isabel Roloff’s sassy response to the Trump follower in her comments?

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