How Does ‘Below Deck’ Captain Lee Feel About Hannah Ferrier’s Firing?

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Below Deck Med fans weren’t happy when Captain Sandy Yawn fired Hannah Ferrier. Earlier in the season, she was let go for having an unregistered prescription for valium and a CBD pen on board. Bosun Malia White turned Hannah in when she came across the items in her handbag.

Everyone had an opinion on the matter. Captain Sandy says she doesn’t regret firing Hannah. Then, Below Deck alum Kate Chastain said it was time for Hannah to go. Now, her former boss, Captain Lee Rosbach, is sharing his thoughts on the controversial firing. Read on to see what he has to say on the matter.

Captain Lee weighs in on Hannah’s shocking firing

The Below Deck captain made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday night, October 5. Captain Lee shared his opinion on Captain Sandy’s decision to fire Hannah from The Wellington. Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean has become the most-talked-about season. Lee talked about a similar moment from Below Deck when stewardess Kat Held had anxiety medication on board. As fans know, he handled it differently from Sandy.

“With Kat, it was pretty simple. She said she was prescribed the meds and I said, ‘Show me the prescription, that’s what I want to see,'” he said. “If it’s legally prescribed meds by a licensed physician, we are not doctors as captains. God forbid we should deny somebody their prescriptions meds and something bad should happen. It would really get ugly.”

When Sandy asked Hannah to present her medication, the stewardess didn’t have it on her. According to maritime law, crew members must check-in prescriptions with the captain before departure. In a previous interview, Hannah admitted that she made a “mistake.” But she was still disappointed with how Sandy handled the situation.

How does Captain Lee feel about his new chief stew?

New chief stewardess Francesca Rubi joins Lee on the new season of Below Deck. On WWHL, Andy asked him to compare Francesca to former chief stew Kate Chastain. But he refused to compare the two. However, he did throw some shade at Francesca’s way.

“I’m not even gonna go there,” Rosbach said. “Kate is always going to have a very, very sweet spot in my heart. Because we worked together for a long period of time. And she was my right hand.”

“There was nothing I couldn’t delegate to Kate that I could just pass it off and walk away from it knowing it was gonna get done,” he continued. “And to try to compare the both of them, after just one season with Francesca is not being fair to Francesca.”

Francesca cries in the Season 8 trailer for Below Deck. “There is no crying in yachting,” Lee says in his confessional.

A Bravo viewer wonders if they should watch Below Deck

Captain Lee often interacts with fans on Twitter. But there are some who are not familiar with the Below Deck franchise. The Bravo fan asked, “I never got into Bravo Deck. Is it worth it?” Lee responded, “I think so.” @Bravosnarkside shared the humorous tweet on its Instagram account.

“The ONLY Below Deck franchise worth watching I might add!” the caption read. Other fans took to the Instagram post to share their input. They agreed that the original series is the best one out of the franchise. Others called Lee the “Stud of the Sea.”

Below Deck Season 8 premieres Monday, November 2 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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