Adam & Danielle Busby Heading To ‘Real Housewives’ On Bravo?

Adam Busby Instagram

If Adam and Danielle Busby of OutDaughtered moved from TLC to Bravo would their fans follow them? Danielle Busby certainly doesn’t offer the personality or drama of the other Real Housewives of Bravo. But, chances are pretty good the network wouldn’t hesitate to get their hooks into a family with such a huge following. So, would the Busbys move to Bravo? And, where did this question even come from? Here’s what we know.

A fan asked if Adam and Danielle Busby would join the Real Housewives cast.

Unsurprisingly, it was a fan of OutDaughtered that brought up this topic of conversation. This isn’t too surprising. Typically, this type of rumor is almost always a fan theory. But, where did this question happen? And, more importantly, did Adam or Danielle respond to the question? Adam and Danielle Busby don’t really fit the usual mold for Real Housewives couples. But, they have a pretty solid following. So, chances are pretty good they would follow them anywhere.

Adam Busby shared a gorgeous photo of himself sitting on a fallen tree with his phone in his hand. He looked off into the distance while the photo was snapped. There were twigs and branches all around him. And, blurred shrubbery was visible in the background. This fan theory emerged in the comments of this beautiful photo.

As you can see in the screenshot below, one fan gushed about how amazing Adam’s wife was. Then, they noted that they should consider giving Bravo a try. Would Danielle Busby make a nice addition to Real Housewives? This fan certainly seemed to think so.

Adam Busby Instagram

The OutDaughtered dad shuts the topic down.

Adam Busby was quick to shut down the question. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Adam and Danielle will be heading over to Bravo any time soon. And, why is that? Well, they aren’t interested in any drama.

The OutDaughtered dad explained their family isn’t for all the drama. They try to stay away from it. And, they are well aware of the drama that goes on behind the scenes of the Real Housewives.

So, for those hoping Adam and Danielle would hop over to Bravo… It was a thanks but no thanks from the man of the house.

Now, it didn’t look like his followers were too heartbroken by the response. In fact, a couple dozen liked his response. Indicating they supported it.

Moving to Bravo likely isn’t even an option.

The Busbys are an extremely popular family. They have massive followers on Instagram. Chances are pretty good TLC isn’t looking to let go of this family any time soon. Moreover, Adam and Danielle likely have a contract in place that doesn’t allow them to work with other networks. After all, it probably wouldn’t be in TLC’s best interest for the Busby family to dip into other networks.

So, were you hoping the Busby family would join Bravo? Did you want Danielle Busby to be a new addition to the Real Housewives.

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