‘The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May In Scotland Filming New Episode!

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Long-suffering fans of The Grand Tour finally have one piece of good news. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are now all in Scotland. They are filming a new episode of the automotive adventure series.

This is what we know now.

The Grand Tour Is In Scotland

Ready to go back to the ’70s? According to The Daily Record, The Grand Tour trio are at the geographic center of Scotland. There is a nearby stone that marks the exact spot. This is near the Glentruim Estate, which is about an hour south of Inverness.

What they are doing is driving ’70s vehicles and pulling a trailer. In England, they call these caravans. Many of you may remember the misery that this trio went through a few years back on that other show, while staying in a caravan park. Now imagine, they are going to be in Scotland, in the cold and dark month of October in campers.

This could be a good ghost story. Or, this will be another hysterical adventure. Hopefully, the trio will not encountered the Loch Ness monster, Nessie, during this crazy Covid-19 year.

When Is The Grand Tour ‘Madagascar’ Episode Coming Out?

Now, the next question. When is the long-awaited “Madagascar” episode coming out? Amazon’s own movie database, IMDb had posted that the new episode would be dropped on September 4. But, that was apparently a mistake. This seemed very odd, as it was all in the Amazon family.

Nonetheless, gearheads are still awaiting something from Amazon Prime. On September 24, a fan tweeted Clarkson a question.  “@JeremyClarkson Grand Tour Madagascar special, when are we going to see this ,so many release dates…”

Jeremy Clarkson’s deadpan reply was, “Ask Amazon.”

Right now, Amazon has the “Madagascar” episode. Despite initial delays, they have had it for a couple of months. They appear to just be waiting for the right time. We can only hope that it will be before the one year December 13 anniversary. That was when “Seamen” was released.

What we do know about “Madagascar” is that James May thought it was pretty gorgeous. We just have to wait to see for ourselves! Amazon has not said a thing. Yet.

Is The Grand Tour Canceled?

Fans of the former Top Gear stars continue to search on Google, asking if the Amazon show is canceled. On Thursday, a fan asked Jeremy on Twitter, “What’s happening with The Grand Tour.” Clarkson’s reply? “There’s a pandemic going on. It’s been in all the papers. And it means we can’t travel very far. Still.” 

Hopefully, Amazon will at least announce the “Madagascar” drop date. This will take some pressure off of him, May and Hammond. Until that time, the three will surely have some unique stories while filming in Scotland during this worldwide pandemic. Or a documentary on the Loch Ness monster.

Hopefully, it will not take a year for Amazon to release this new episode.

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