How Teddi Mellencamp Found Out About Her ‘RHOBH’ Exit

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Last month, Teddi Mellencamp announced her departure from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s leaving after six seasons and a turbulent time on Season 10. In her announcement on Instagram, she revealed that her contract wasn’t renewed. Teddi was obviously disheartened, but is happy for the experience.

It also came amid the allegations with her All In by Teddi program. But Bravo EP Andy Cohen denied that it had anything to do with the controversy. Now, Teddi is opening up about her departure from the reality series. In a new interview, she revealed the moment she found out about her RHOBH exit.

Teddi Mellencamp found out the same way everyone else did

In a new episode of her podcast, the accountability coach said she found out about her exit through the media. Daily Mail published a report talking about her supposed RHOBH exit. At the time, it seemed like a rumor. Teddi wasn’t sure if she was really getting cut from the show.

On the recent episode of Teddi Tea Pod, she talked to Bob Guiney about how she felt when she learned that her contract with RHOBH wasn’t renewed. It was her friends outside of the show who brought the rumors to her attention. Of course, Teddi wasn’t sure what to think of it.

“The craziest part about it was, I think it was last Monday, I woke up, I was on the Peloton, and my non-television show girlfriends started texting me,” Teddi recalled the moment in her head, “it’s all over the DailyMail that you’re no longer a housewife.”

Daily Mail ran a story with insiders confirming their plans to remove Teddi from the reality show. The 39-year-old decided to confirm the news on her Instagram account. Teddi shared an emotional video about her departure. She also said that the departure felt like more of “a break-up.”

RHOBH alum had a feeling her journey would end

Teddi Mellencamp had a funny even before the news spread. Call it a premonition. According to the fitness trainer, she could sense something was wrong. She had a feeling that her journey on the show would come to an end.

How did she know? Teddi had a feeling when she watched back her season. During the podcast, she revealed that production left so many parts of her life out. It made it hard for viewers to connect with her. Teddi received backlash for the way she handled Brandi Glanville’s drama with Denise Richards.

“I think for the last couple of months, I was preparing myself,” Teddi explained. “I filmed so many amazing things that were never shown on the show … it should have been the writing on the wall. All the things that make me a likable, redeeming human being were not shown on the season. So if you only see a certain part of somebody, it’s really hard to connect with them.”

The person who was the most upset about her exit was her young son Cruz.

“The only person that was really p***ed was my son Cruz. ‘Mom, what did you do? I wanted to be famous, now what!?'” she joked.

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