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Jacob Roloff’s Wife, Isabel Rock, Shares A Favorite Gift Of ‘This Life’

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Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel tends to have a lot to say when she posts on Instagram. That being said, her last Instagram post featured a refreshingly short caption of just a few lengthy sentences. And, it was also a pretty positive and happy post. Which was something Isabel’s Instagram followers haven’t seen much of lately.

The past year has been pretty rough for Isabel Roloff.

As we previously reported, Isabel Roloff recently celebrated her first anniversary with her husband Jacob. Now, the couple are all smiles in their Instagram posts. But, she revealed things haven’t been easy. She, however, suspects the first year of marriage is challenging for a lot of people.

Getting married to Jacob was pretty emotional for her. Why? Well, because she decided to honor her deceased brother and mother during the ceremony. And, it brought up a lot of difficult emotions. As those who follow the couple know, Isabel Roloff has had a lot of tragedy in her life.

Her mother lost her battle to breast cancer back in 2014. And, her older brother died in a horrible train accident two years prior to the death of her mother.

Moreover, marrying someone who was once in the reality TV spotlight wasn’t easy for Isabel. It put a lot of pressure that she never asked for on top of her. In fact, Isabel got candid on Instagram around the time of her anniversary. She explained that her wedding day was the happiest day of her life. But, sharing photos of her wedding day was a different story. She recalls being badgered and berated with lots of negative comments by trolls. And, it was difficult for her to deal with.

Isabel, however, has gotten help with her emotional struggles. And, she feels like a stronger person now. Moreover, she isn’t afraid to call trolls out for giving her a hard time. She has also made it clear she’s more interested in speaking her mind without a sugar coating now than she ever was before.

There is one part of her life, however, she’s especially grateful for.

Now, Isabel Roloff got candid on Instagram yesterday. She shared one of the greatest gifts “this life” has given to her. And, what is this amazing gift? Well, it’s the gift of being an aunt.

“I hope that these kids know that for as long as I’m living, they always have somebody on their team.” She added before concluding with a heart emoji.

The post contained photos of Isabel and her husband Jacob hanging out with Tori and Audrey’s children. Lilah, Jackson, Bode, and Ember were all featured in the sweet photos.

And these photos gave LPBW fans a little peace of mind. Even through all the drama and Instagram arguments, the entire family still gathers around the little ones.

Unsurprisingly, Isabel’s followers LOVED the sweet photos of her and her nieces and nephews.

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