Is ‘DWTS’ Listening To Fans? Tyra Banks Cut From New Promo

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Dancing With The Stars fans have been revolting against the host change for weeks. Long-time hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews were unceremoniously dumped weeks before Season 29 debuted. The network handed over solo hosting duties to model Tyra Banks. She also serves as an executive producer. 

They chalked the move to “taking the show in a new direction.” However, everything else about the show has largely remained the same. Needless to say, fans are NOT happy with the change. Tom Bergeron has been a DWTS staple since its 2005 premiere. His witty retorts are sorely missed by fans. 

Fans HATE Tyra Banks’ Hosting 

Even before DWTS premiered three weeks ago, fans were angry about the hosting switch. But the uproar only got worse once fans saw Tyra in action. Her clunky banter with the contestants isn’t winning her any fans. 

Furthermore, ABC seems intent in shoving the former America’s Next Top Model host down fans’ throats. Not only is Tyra Banks in every promo, she appears in opening skits each week, something Tom Bergeron never did. 

Anytime the official DWTS posts on Instagram, fans flood the comments with hate for Tyra Banks. 

Is ABC Finally Listening? Tyra Absent From Disney Night Promo

Despite the hate, DWTS ratings are at an all-time high. Something that Tyra took credit for, further riling fans. Ratings aside, ABC may be listening to complaints from fans and are toning down Tyra Banks’ involvement. At least, that’s what fans hope. 

In anticipation of Disney Night, the network posted a new promo on their Instagram page. The Inquistir noted that Tyra Banks is nowhere to be seen in the promo. And fans could not be happier. A small sample of the comments include: 

  • An ad without Tyra 😊
  • Is this the first commercial without Tyra??!!!
  • Please give the judges more time to talk and Tyra less. I’d much rather hear more critique than Tyra gossip with the contestants
  • I love Disney night. I’m so glad Tyra isn’t in this ad. Please don’t let her dress up as a Disney princess 🙏🏼
  • Yeah don’t see tyra in this one maybe they are starting to listen to the fans . Now she needs to go DWTS!!! Bring back Tom and Erin!!!

What Do We Know About The Well-Loved Disney Night?


Disney Night is one of the dance competition’s most-loved gimmicks! Celebrities and their pro partners are given songs from Disney movies, often dressing the part. But this year, fans are complaining about ABC recycling the same Disney songs for several seasons now. 

Despite this minor complaint, many DWTS fans cannot wait for Disney Night. Tonight will also mark this season’s second elimination. Head over to our Facebook page and leave your choice for who to send home tonight. 

Dancing With The Stars airs Mondays on ABC. 

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