Bigfoot Spotted On Roloff Farms Ahead Of ‘LPBW’ Premiere, See Photo

Matt Roloff Instagram

Hold on to your hats LPBW fans because Bigfoot was just spotted roaming around the Roloff Farms! Yes, you read that correctly. Bigfoot was spotted on the Roloff Farms! And, just before both the Little People, Big World premiere! Spooky!

Making this story more interesting is the LPBW family has proof. Photo proof that they have spotted Bigfoot roaming around Roloff Farms. Interested in knowing more? Keep reading!

Matt Roloff reveals Bigfoot was spotted on the Roloff Farms.

Less than 10 hours ago, Matt Roloff took to Instagram to announce that Bigfoot had been spotted on the Roloff Farms.

“Oh no… just what we don’t need… Bigfoot is hanging out in the Little People’s Big Forest.” He penned in his caption.

He also informed his followers that this was the second time they had spotted Bigfoot hanging out on the Roloff Farms.

With everything that has happened during 2020… A Bigfoot sighing isn’t too farfetched, is it? Probably not.

He added to the end of his post: “Stay away from @rolofffarms until further notice!”

The post includes photo proof of Bigfoot.

Now, the post did include a photo of the alleged Bigfoot. It was a black and white photo that looked like security footage. What Matt Roloff alleged to be Bigfoot could be spotted off to the side of the photo. Blending into the trees.

Interestingly enough, though, it looked as if Bigfoot was looking directly at the camera. Was that just a coincidence? Here’s the post Matt Roloff made on Instagram.

And below we’ve taken a screenshot of the photo and zoomed in on the alleged Bigfoot hanging out on the Roloff Farms.

Matt Roloff Instagram
[Matt Roloff’s Instagram]
Do you think that could be Bigfoot lurking in the trees of the Roloff Farms?

LPBW fans have mixed feelings about the alleged sighting.

Now, if you haven’t figured it out yet… This Bigfoot sighting on the Roloff Farms was just a joke. More of a publicity stunt really. There isn’t an actual Bigfoot roaming around the Little People’s Big Forest. And, Matt Roloff’s comment pinned to the top of the comments ultimately gave that away.

“Btw. Tickets still available on several days this October. But reservations are filling up fast.” He added to the comments. Effectively sending people over to the Roloff Farm’s website to consider booking tickets. Conveniently timed, the Bigfoot sighing also took place just before the LPBW Season 21 Premiere.

Coincidence? Probably not.

Many applauded Matt Roloff. Applauded him for the creative and fun publicity stunt. Others, however? Well, some did not find the joke so amusing. And, there were even a few who didn’t seem to pick up on it being a joke at all. These individuals took to the comments to ask if this was a real sighting. Followers quickly swarmed the clueless individuals to clue them in on the joke.

Matt Roloff also has a couple of people who questioned if it was the best way to bring in guests. One individual said it sent mixed signals for those who didn’t get the joke. And, it made them think the Roloff family didn’t really want guests at Roloff Farms this season.

Overall, however, most just found the joke fun. And, they really enjoyed the picture and Matt’s sense of humor. The real question is simple. Did you like the Bigfoot sighting on Roloff Farms? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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