‘Prison Break’ Fans Flood Sarah Wayne Callies, Onboard For Season 6?

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Dominic Purcell recently sparked Prison Break Season 6 chatter. And, fans of the series can’t help but wonder if other cast members are onboard. So, after outlets started reporting Prison Break Season 6 confirmed… Fans started to flock to the social media accounts of other cast members. Why? Well, to see if they would be up for a revival.

Fans flood Sarah Wayne Callies’ Instagram, interested in another season?

For Prison Break Season 6 to be a possibility, there are a few core cast members who would need to be onboard. Sarah Wayne Callies is certainly someone who would be on the list. After all, her character Sara Tancredi just got Michael back in Season 5! And, Wentworth has previously suggested seeing Michael adjust to being in the real world and deal with the trauma of being behind bars for so long could make for a nice storyline.

Just 12 hours ago, Sarah Wayne Callies posted on Instagram. She revealed she was gearing up to direct. And, she was studying up on great female directors. She also gushed about how great the movie Point Break was. Many of her followers admitted to doing a double take. They thought she was holding something that said Prison Break. And, considering the stir Dominic Purcell has fans in… This isn’t too much of a surprise.

“I heard there’s a season 6 of prison break,” one follower penned in a comment liked over 100 times.

Another added to the comments: “Can’t wait to see you in pb 6!”


“Anyone else thought it said prison break,” a third admitted referencing the movie she was holding.

  • “Are you with us in Season 6 of Prison Break ??”
  • “Is it true about the news of the sixth season of Prison Break?”
  • “Lol it’s funny your gonna go in season six of prison break and you died in a prison on Twd.”

Some shut down the chatter of Prison Break Season 6.

Now, there were some individuals trying to bring those flooding her comments with chatter of a new season back to reality. These individuals pointed out that Dominic Purcell drops Prison Break Season 6 bombs on Instagram all the time. And, he’s alone in insisting a new season is happening. As we previously reported, however, other outlets did report on his latest teaser. And, his teasers do not always get picked up by big outlets. So, perhaps something is different this time.


Unfortunately, Sarah Wayne Callies did not respond to whether she would join another season. But, she occasionally posts Prison Break snaps on her Instagram. So, fans can assume she would be interested in another season of the series.

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