‘Below Deck Med’ Malia White Responds To Captain Sandy’s Cameo Video

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Below Deck Med fans are not happy with Captain Sandy Yawn again. She already caught flak for firing Hannah Ferrier earlier this season. Now, Captain Sandy is in the middle of Malia White’s split with chef Tom Checketts. TV Shows Ace previously reported that the couple ended their relationship.

Malia and Tom reconnected in London last week. But their happy reunion didn’t last. Recently, Malia made it clear on Instagram that she’s single. She even wiped all of Tom’s photos from her page. On her Instagram Stories, she hinted that Tom cheated on her more than once.

But Sandy thinks there’s an underlying reason as to why Malia’s relationships don’t work out.

Captain Sandy makes bizarre Cameo video

On Monday night, Sunday 21, a Below Deck Med fan shared one of Captain Sandy’s Cameo videos on Twitter. In the bizarre clip, Sandy claims Malia is gay and that production thinks so as well. The fan slammed Sandy for “lusting” over Malia, especially when she’s in a serious relationship with her partner who has cancer.

“Hey! Maybe that’s like, maybe it would happen!” Captain Sandy said in the video, alluding to a hookup with Malia. “Malia, I think is secretly gay, to be honest. That’s my opinion. Everyone in production thinks so.”

Then Sandy covers her mouth and exclaims, “Oh! This is going to be public, isn’t it? So maybe, who knows.” Sandy couldn’t stop laughing in the clip. She then added that her partner is giving her this “freebie” because she knows that it would never happen.


The fan captioned the video: “#CaptLurk outing Malia as gay and says production thinks it as well. No wonder why she’s lusting after her bosun instead of being a captain. She thinks she has a chance. #BelowDeckMed.”

Fans flocked to the tweet to share their thoughts. Most of them were upset over Sandy outing Malia, even if the rumor isn’t true. Others accused her of being under the influence in the video. Fans noticed how strange her behavior was.


Malia White issues “PSA”

The Below Deck Med bosun took to Instagram to address the rumors over her split. On Tuesday, September 22, Malia posted two clips addressing the rumors. In the first video, Malia questioned Sandy’s video. She’s not sure why her captain would make the gay rumors swirl. While she did confirm her split from Tom, she wouldn’t share the details to respect his privacy.

“Captain Sandy’s Cameo. I was just as shocked as everyone else,” Malia said in the Instagram video. She revealed that if she was gay, she would come out on her own terms and on her own time.

“But no I’m not and if I was, I would be openly proud to be gay,” Malia explained. “I’m a huge supporter of the community and yeah, I’ll just leave it at that.”


Malia doesn’t feel comfortable with her private life being a topic of conversation. Her love life was previously a topic of conversation on Season 2. On Monday’s night episode, she introduced fans to her mom. She’s been sharing parts of herself amid the backlash.

Below Deck Med star issues apology

Malia has also gotten backlash for her behavior on Season 5. In the follow-up video, she apologized for the way she acted on the show. Fans didn’t like it when she snitched on Hannah for having unregistered valium and a CBD pen on board of The Wellington. They blamed Malia for Hanna’s firing.

“I’ve made a ton of mistakes. I am only human,” the bosun said. “And don’t think I’m as vocal on social media as people want me to be or expect me to be and to that, I just really want to say I’m really sorry if I have disappointed anyone with my actions or whatever else it may be.”


Malia revealed that she is “listening” and “learning” to the feedback she’s received. The reason why she posted both videos is that she wanted to “clear the air” with fans of the show. Malia also thanked fans for their support on her Instagram Stories. Apparently, there’s as much drama off the high seas.

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Below Deck Med airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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