‘Love Island’ Mackenzie Gets Sent Packing And Viewers Are Relieved!

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Love Island sent four islanders packing on Thursday night. Mackenzie Dipman was one of the unfortunate four. Host Arielle Vandenberg interrupted the group’s toga party. As the bearer of bad news, she announced that America voted for their favorite couple yet again.

TV Shows Ace previously reported that America loves Justine and Caleb. Fans are hoping the couple will make it through and win the show. On Thursday night, top four couples were safe, while the three bottom couples were at risk for elimination.

Moira and Caleb were announced as the first couple that was safe. Then Justine and Caleb, followed by Kierstan and Calvin. The third couple was Cely and Johnny. Then the group gave Carrington and Laurel a lifeline.

Jalen, Sher, Aaron, and Mackenzie found themselves packing.

Love Island fans happy to see Mackenzie Dipman go home

Viwers weren’t as sad as the islanders were. Most of them were happy to see Mackenzie go home. She surely won’t be missed. She caused a lot of drama with Connor. But he was just as bad as her when it came to their relationship.

He was hot-and-cold with his feelings for Mackenzie. While Connor was just as dramatic, he was better at hiding it. But it was Mackenzie that viewers didn’t like the most because of her constant crying episodes. When the couple was together, she often found herself feeling insecure and jealous. But there are some Love Island fans who think Mackenzie made for good TV.


Mackenzie is still holding out hope with Connor

Mackenzie Dipman spoke with Entertainment Tonight’s Ash Crossman about her exit from the villa. She admitted she’s hoping that Connor will return home single. The former Love Island contestant misses her “best friend.” The Instagram model values their friendship. But it would be a plus if they were to rekindle their relationship.

“I definitely think if Connor comes out single then I would love to get his phone number and to talk and to really see if we have a real shot at this,” Mackenzie explained. “At least I just miss my best friend. Do I hope he’ll come out single? Yeah. But I also just want what’s best for him and whatever makes him happy.”

Although their relationship didn’t work out in the villa, Mackenzie doesn’t have any regrets. She’s happy with her experience on the show. If she could go back and revisit her time on the show, she wouldn’t change anything about it.

“I feel like even though I didn’t make it to the end, I feel like I had a very full, very exciting, very emotional Love Island experience,” Mackenzie continued. “I definitely feel like I left with no regrets and I feel really good right now, honestly.”

But Mackenzie won’t be missed

Honestly, Love Island fans feel it was time. They got tired of seeing her cry over Connor in nearly every scene. Others were sick of their on-and-off feelings for one another. Shortly after the elimination, three new men entered the villa.

Their names are Noah, Benny, and Bennett. They’re surely going to shake things up. Not only did the guys crash the villa, but they already took some of the girls out on a date. Bennett chose Kierstan, while Noah wooed Moira. In the meantime, Bennett had his eyes on Cely, who’s devoted to Johnny.

Things are sure to heat up on the new episode of Love Island on Friday, September 18 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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