So, What’s Denise Richards’ History With Heather Locklear?

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Google likely had a huge amount of searches for “Heather Locklear and Denise Richards” on Wednesday night. On the September 16th The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion episode, the Melrose Place star’s name was dropped. And not in a good way. 

RHOBH star Lisa Rinna brought Heather Locklear up in the middle of a dramatic argument with Denise Richards. As fans of the show know, Denise has been facing – and denying – allegations of an affair with Brandi Glanville. She continually says that she barely knows Brandi and that they weren’t friends, let alone lovers. 

While fighting off accusations of being a bad friend to Denise, Lisa seemingly brought up Denise’s own questionable past. Some fans who forgot all about the Denise/Heather drama from 14 years ago were confused by the reference. 

What Happened Between Denise Richards and Heather Locklear? 

When pop culture followers think of Heather Locklear, they think of her roles on Melrose Place or T.J. Hooker. Or they think of her private life, her marriage to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. But she was also married to Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. In fact, they share a daughter, Ava Sambora. 

Heather and Richie were married in 1994. In 2006, she filed for divorce. Around the same time, Denise was filing for divorce from actor Charlie Sheen. Heather and Denise were friends at one point, due to Charlie and Heather working on Spin City together. 

A few months after their respective divorce filings, Denise and Richie began dating. The gossip mill accused Denise of breaking up Heather and Richie’s marriage. It was also the general consensus that she broke ‘girl code’ by dating her friend’s ex. It was quite the scandal at the time!

But when Lisa Rinna brought it up at the reunion, Denise denied she was close friends with Heather. She makes a similar claim about Brandi Glanville. But during the reunion, Denise said that Lisa, her friend of 20 years, knows Denise was never close with Heather. 

So, it appears that Lisa was drawing a parallel between the situations with Denise/Brandi and Denise/Heather. 

But not everyone got the reference. Or did they? 

Fans Slam Andy Cohen For Pretending Not to Get Lisa’s Reference on RHOBH Reunion 

When Lisa brought up Heather Locklear, Bravo host Andy Cohen was supposedly confused. People reports that he asked for clarification, saying, “I don’t understand the Heather Locklear reference.”

Instead of explaining, Lisa Rinna told him to “Just Google it.” Denise then chided Lisa for the “low” blow. 

But fans aren’t buying that Andy – King of Pop Culture – didn’t know exactly what Lisa was talking about. Brandi Glanville was a recent guest on Watch What Happens Live. During the discussion, she mentioned that Heather had reached out to her. Andy didn’t ask why Heather would do that. He knew. 

One fan took to Twitter to call Andy out for his “shady” behavior at the reunion. 

The reunion isn’t the only time Denise denied being close friends with Heather. In interviews throughout the years, she has always maintained that their friendship ended months before she began seeing Richie. 

Do you think Lisa is the one being a bad friend, or has Denise proven herself as the bad friend? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 is over with the last reunion episode. Bravo has yet to announce plans for Season 11, but they won’t include Denise Richards. 

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