Madison Prewett On The One-Year Anniversary Of Leaving ‘The Bachelor’

hannah ann sluss and madison prewett instagram post

Madison Prewett reflected on her one-year anniversary of leaving for The Bachelor. The Alabama native was on a whirlwind journey. On the show, she fell in love with Peter Weber. And despite their moral differences, she tried to make things work between them.

But there were times when she wanted to be done with the show completely. When Madison found out that Peter was intimate with Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller during Fantasy Suite week, she made her great escape. She didn’t want anything to do with him.

But she made her triumphant return on After the Final Rose. Peter and Madison tried to make their relationship work again, but it didn’t last. That doesn’t matter since she made lasting friends out of it.

Madison Prewett reflects on her Bachelor experience

The Christian influencer took to Instagram to share a series of photos with her fellow Bachelor contestants. Madison Prewett reflected back on her one-year anniversary since leaving for The Bachelor. While she didn’t find love, she found everlasting friendships. Madison built a girl squad comprised of Hannah Ann Sluss, Victoria Fuller, Sarah Coffin, among others. In the post, she shared special moments from their time together.

“One year ago today I said my goodbyes and left for The Bachelor,” Madison wrote in the caption. “I had no idea what would come and what the journey would look like.”

She admits that she had her share of “ups and downs,” on and off the show. And of course it brought “a lot of laughs” along with “a lot of tears.” Madison admitted the show forced her to learn and grow about dating and relationships. But she ended up with “friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Madison’s of friends took to the post to show their appreciation. Victoria F. joked as she thanked her for making her cry.

“Well thx a lot, now I’m crying!!!! I love you so much sis my girl 4ever,” she wrote.

Hannah Ann commented, “Awwww so sweet.” Madison responded, “I love you” with the red heart emoji. Hannah Ann also wrote that she “can’t believe it’s been a year.” Then she sprinkled more love throughout the comments section.

Sarah Coffin commented: “I LOVE YOU MP. ur freindship has been the biggest silver lining of that whole experience.” Meanwhile, Shiann Lewis wrote, “I’m so happy you were brought into my life Mads. Love you sm.”

Many other Bachelor contestants shared their love for Madison. Meanwhile, Madison took to her Instagram Stories to share some of her favorite moments on the show. The girls made friendship bracelets. And in between the tears, there were a lot of laughs behind the scenes of The Bachelor.

madison prewett instagram stories one-year ago
[Screenshot from Madison Prewett’s Instagram Stories]
madison prewett instagram stories one-year ago
[Screenshot from Madison Prewett’s Instagram Stories]

How Hannah Ann and Madison remained close

Hannah Ann Sluss revealed that she became good friends with Madison Prewett. She’s also still in touch with Kelsey Weier and Victoria F. The women have been hanging out without masks during quarantine. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Madison talked about her ever-flourishing friendships from the ABC dating series. Of course, it wasn’t easy at first.

“It’s taken time for all of us to get there, but we’ve all have put our differences aside because we care about each other,” Hannah said. “We were all put through the ringer. But we’re all in a happy good spot in our lives, so it makes it easier to support one another because we’re all at a good place.”

Madison previously shared a photo of herself with the “Final Four” on Instagram. While the pandemic is ongoing, the Bachelor contestants didn’t follow the social distancing guidelines. They decided to embrace and pose for photos without wearing masks. Bachelor Nation viewers have called out the alumni for their behavior during the pandemic.

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