CBS Highlights Ian Terry On Instagram & ‘Big Brother’ Fans Are Fuming

Ian Terry Instagram

CBS boldly made the decision to share a video highlighting Ian Terry on Instagram yesterday. And, Big Brother fans are FURIOUS about it. Even Jessie Godderz — more commonly known as Mr. Pec-Tacular — took a dig at the Instagram video.

Is CBS also making fun of Ian Terry?

Many Big Brother fans thought the video highlighting Ian Terry was in poor taste. Some even suggested that the video might actually be poking fun at Ian Terry. The video was about Ian “The Professor” explaining time to the rest of the household. But, he explained it in a very complicated way that no one understood. Ian continued to discuss how complex and complicated time was to define.

The short video highlighted other HGs getting annoyed at how much time Ian Terry spent discussing the definition of time. And, the video clip showed Ian rocking while speaking to his HGs. Big Brother fans even watched as Cody shut down the conversation, not wanting to listen to Ian anymore.

Mr. Pec-Tacular joined Big Brother fans in suggesting the video was in poor taste. He, however, suggested the video was likely edited and ready to publish BEFORE several HGs become under fire for making fun of Ian. In fact, his comment simply pointed out that the video didn’t not age well in hash tag form. His comment suggested the network should have reconsidered publishing this specific video clip amid the controversy. And, he’s probably right.

Big Brother fans slam the network for the attempt at damage control.

One individual noted that CBS had “some nerve” for posting a video highlighting Ian after what happened in the house. Now, the network didn’t really have anything to do with the bullying. And, the network does include a disclaimer warning those watching the feed that they have no control over what the HGs say or do. But, fans of the show take issue with the network not addressing the bullying. And, they feel as though CBS has swept it under the rug.

“Cool but are y’all going to show the bullying and mistreat that Dani, Memphis and other houseguests said about Ian’s autism?” One follower penned in the comments.

Another fan chimed in: “He’s being bullied behind his back- why aren’t you guys stepping in- time is ticking.”

“SHOW DANI, NICOLE, MEMPHIS AND Convictmas making fun of Ian… don’t sugar coat what is going on in the house,” A third insisted. And, many others felt the same way.

  • “Its time for CBS to air what the houseguests said about Ian.”
  • “Having the houseguests evict Ian is a VERY bad look for big brother and you guys are going to lose a LOT of viewers.”
  • “i’m so tired of this show letting the microaggressions and bullying continue. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.”

Unfortunately, the network has yet to address the bullying of Ian Terry. And, many fear CBS intends to sweep it under the rug completely. Fans, however, aren’t willing to just let it go without a fight.

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