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‘Big Brother’: Did Memphis Garrett Say A Racial Slur Toward David?

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Big Brother houseguest Memphis Garrett is under fire AGAIN and this time it is because fans believe he made a racial slur toward David. What has Memphis Garrett said this time? Did he actually say what people think he said? Here’s what we’ve been able to dig up on the latest Big Brother Season 22 controversy.

Did Memphis Garrett make a racial slur toward David?

According to TMZ, viewers of the Big Brother live feeds are accusing Memphis Garrett of using a racial slur toward David Alexander. More specifically, live feed viewers are insisting Memphis called David the “N word.” And, they are FURIOUS about it. In fact, many are calling for the production team to step in and remove him from the game.

On Wednesday night, live feed viewers watched Memphis and Cody Calafiore having a conversation. And, those who have seen the clip are swearing Memphis said “Dude, David’s a n****r.”

The body language and facial expressions after the alleged “N word” was said only seem to confirm that it is actually what Memphis Garrett said.

Those viewing the live feeds reveal Cody immediately gave Garrett a hand signal to stop talking. And, another camera showed the facial expression Memphis made right after he said what many believe was the “N word.” And, it was very clearly the face of a man who knew he messed up.

A petition circulates as fans want him removed from the game.

TMZ also confirms there is a petition circulated on Change.Org. The petition calls for the production team to step in and remove Memphis from the game.

If left unchecked, we could be witnessing real life harm from a privileged white a**hole upon a black man who is ALONE in the house, after almost all the other people of color have been evicted / threatened. THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!”

Part of the reason why fans are so uncomfortable with Memphis is because he was just under fire for bullying and mocking Ian Terry because of his autism. In fact, screen recorded copies of the live feed confirm Memphis threatened to kick Ian’s teeth in simply because he found him creepy.

Fans of Big Brother are also concerned about the production team allowing Memphis Garrett to stay in the game. They believe the decision sends the wrong message to the younger viewers. Younger viewers who enjoy watching the CBS series with their family. TMZ confirms they did reach out to the network for a statement on Memphis Garret. But, they have not received a response.

Unfortunately, fans aren’t too confident the network will do anything about the racial slur. This isn’t the first time the house has had an issue with racism. And, the network also seemingly tried to sweep the bullying of Ian Terry for his autism under the rug.

So, do you think the production team needs to throw Memphis Garrett out of the house for the things he has said? Sound off in the comments.

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