How Does Victor Arroyo Feel About Nicole Franzel Mocking Ian Terry?

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Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel have a bit of an interesting love story as far as Big Brother couples are concerned. The lovebirds did compete on Big Brother Season 18. But, they were not romantically involved. In fact, Nicole Franzel was in a showmance with a different houseguest named Corey Brooks. Victor and Nicole, however, connected after Season 18 ended and started dating. They are currently engaged with plans to marry soon.

When are Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo supposed to get married?

Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel were supposed to get married on October 3rd. But, Bustle reports a few things might get in the way of that wedding date. For starters, the couple knew the pandemic would complicate having a wedding. The duo were also having a hard time finding a venue for the wedding.

Now, Big Brother fans speculate there might be some other issues with moving forward for the wedding. For starters, Nicole Franzel has lost nearly all of her sponsorships after participating in mocking Ian Terry because of his autism. This includes a wine company that fans assume will force Nicole into shopping for new wine for the wedding and after party.

Fans also can’t help but wonder how Victor Arroyo feels about his bride-to-be making fun of someone with autism while cameras are watching her 24 hours a day. Does this change his feelings toward her at all? Will they still be getting married. Fans can’t help but wonder.

Truth be told, fans have come after the groom-to-be on social media.

Victor Arroyo actually has his comments limited on Instagram at this time. Fans can only assume this was in response to the backlash from Nicole participating in the mocking of Ian Terry. Victor has also take to Twitter to speak out on the subject. And, he admits that people have been tagging him and coming at him for what Nicole said. And, for the most part, he doesn’t think it is fair. After all, he wasn’t the one participating in it. Nicole Franzel is a grown woman. And, she’s making her own decisions in the house.

“I’m aware of Nicole’s wrongdoing in the house recently. It saddens me because this is not who she is. This is also not an excuse. She’s a grown woman who knows her words and actions have consequences. I hope she learns from this and educates herself to be better. #BB22,” he penned in a tweet a few days ago.

He also tweeted in response to someone tagging him in a post about Nicole: “I was tagged in this and just fyi… I do not stand with nor support the actions and words of Nicole in this matter. It’s not fair. It’s bullying. I’m genuinely disappointed.”

He still supports Nicole.

Despite everything she has said and done in the house so far, he still shows support for Nicole Franzel on social media. And, he’s recently declared his love for her. So, it seems as if he’s disappointed. But, willing to forgive her for what he’s sure was a horrible mistake on her part.

EDIT/UPDATE: There is chatter going around that the Twitter account doesn’t actually belong to Victor. But, that doesn’t make it any less unfair that fans are going after him on social media.

So, how do you feel knowing that fans are coming after Victor Arroyo because of Nicole Franzel mocking Ian Terry for his autism with several other HGs? Do you think fans should apologize for going after him? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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