Zach & Tori Roloff Have Mixed Feelings About Purchasing Roloff Farms

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After Matt and Amy Roloff drifted apart, many Little People, Big World fans couldn’t help but wonder what was going to happen to The Roloff Farms. After all, Matt certainly isn’t getting any younger. And, perhaps, him and Caryn want to settle down and spend some time together that doesn’t involve putting so much into the Roloff Farms.

LPBW fans know that in a perfect world Matt Roloff would like one of his children to take over working at the Roloff Farms. And, that desire certainly makes sense. The question is: does any of his children even want to take over the Roloff Farms?

Fortunately, a recent teaser of the upcoming season shed a little light on this possibility.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made things difficult for Roloff Farms.

October Pumpkin Season is usually a high point for Roloff Farms. It is a time where people travel from all over the world to visit Roloff Farms. It is a time where fans get a chance to see members of the Roloff family. Unfortunately, COVID-19 was NOT good for the family business. As we’ve previously reported, Matt Roloff has been very open on social media about what’s going on with the business amid the pandemic.

We are in daily dissertation meetings about that and what would it look … and really, really scratching our heads to figure out how would that work. We’re coming up with all kinds of alternative plans. It all comes up very expensive.”

Any other pumpkin season, families are free to come and go on the farm as they please. But, things will be different this year. This year he suspects they will have to charge an entrance fee. Otherwise they won’t even be able to pay their staff to manage the pumpkin season.

Matt recognizes the farm is becoming difficult for him to manage.

Matt Roloff accepts that he can’t take care of Roloff Farms forever. There is no denying he loves the property. That will never change. But, it is becoming too much for him to handle. LPBW fans speculate he will sell the property to either Zach or Jeremy. Matt once admitted on Instagram he would love for the twins to work together on the farms. He, however, admits Roloff Farms will never be managed the way he managed it.

Now, Jeremy has admitted on Instagram he would love to take over. So, selling it to Jeremy is certainly an option that makes sense for Matt to consider. But, what about Zach?

Zach isn’t interested in taking on the responsibility by himself.

TLC recently dropped a sneak peek of the upcoming season on YouTube. And, fans see Zach and Tori discussing purchasing the farm. At first, Zach discusses his mother moving away from the farm. And, he believes it is what was best for her.

Health-wise, it’s in her best interest to move off. You know, two different people are living on it that don’t really get along.”

In another clip, we see Tori ask Zach if he is thinking about purchasing the farm from his parents. Zach, however, reassures Tori he isn’t interested in buying out the entire farm. He explains he would only be buying out one parent.

It, however, doesn’t sound like Tori is interested in embracing owning the farm either as she admits the thought “stresses” her out.

Could the twins each own half the farm and work on it together? Is Matt Roloff ready to retire? Stick with us as the new season of LPBW kicks off soon!

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