‘Big Brother’ Fans SLAM CBS For Not Airing The Bullying Of Ian Terry

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Big Brother fans are furious after watching Memphis Garrett and several other houseguests mock and bully Ian Terry because of his autism on the live feeds. And, the frustration has only escalated after a new episode of the reality TV series aired without even a hint of the bullying or mocking being featured on air. Is the network attempting to bury the fact that several HGs mocked and ridiculed Ian Terry because he’s on the spectrum? This is what some fans of the show certainly seem to think.

Big Brother fans flood Instagram, urge the network to address the issue.

The official Big Brother Instagram account managed by CBS shared a short video clip from a recent episode of the series. And, it turns out, fans are not interested in discussing it. In fact, all fans really want to talk about is the current bullying situation in the household. Is CBS attempting to bury the fact that Memphis Garrett and several other HGs mocked Ian for his self-soothing techniques?

Viewers of the CBS reality series flooded the most recent Instagram post. And what did they have to say? Well, it was simple. They took issue with the editing of the most recent episode. They took issue with the bullying and mocking not having a place in the episode. Did the network intend to pretend like it didn’t happen? Would they truly not address the issue at all?

And it’s still the editing for me! Of course y’all didn’t air Christmas saying she’d get shot or stabbed in the face! And, Of course y’all wouldn’t air Memphis, Nicole, Dani, and Christmas making fun of Ian! Of course y’all wouldn’t air the real reason Tyler stayed. Buttttt of course y’all would edit and air footage to make Bayleigh and Davonne look the villains! Of course y’all would edit Christmas to look like the victim when she’s the aggressor! Of course y’all would play the clip of the ACTUAL bully saying she won’t be bullied! Great job CBS!”

Here’s what other fans are saying about the editing of this season.

Some Big Brother fans find it disgraceful that the network has said nothing about the bullying.

“How about you address all the bullying going on in the house and air Memphis, Nicole, Dani, and Christmas talking about Ian!” One fan urged.

Another was quick to point out the fact that saying nothing about the bullying really says a lot. The individual proceeded to point out how many people were rushing out to buy Olay products after the company dropped Nicole for participating in the bullying of Ian Terry.

The bullying of a human being with autism and racial comments are extremely difficult to watch. In today’s world, CBS needs to put an end to this type of behavior. All contestants should be eliminated and not rewarded. This show has had a lot of comments fly in the past that had racist and bullying undertones but in today’s world, you are either part of the problem or the solution. Which are you #cbs? Whether production airs the conversations or not, it’s out there for the world to view. DO SOMETHING to put your foot down and say this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated. I cannot watch until consequences are given. I’m more prone to buy Olay products now that they took a stand and support the same view points as the majority. What will CBS do? If you do nothing, your host no longer has the ability to say anything about treating others with kindness at the end of every live episode.”

“DO SOMETHING” seems to be a message a lot of fans of the reality TV series could agree on.

Some noted the network does include disclaimer warnings.

In Big Brother fan groups on Facebook, some have pointed out the network does include disclaimers and warnings on the live feed. These disclaimers clarify the network is not responsible for anything harmful or hurtful the HGs say on the live feed. This is just an attempt to protect the network as many HGs tend to forget they are being recorded by cameras 24 hours a day.

Other Big Brother fans note the network is unlikely to do anything about the bullying or mocking because it makes for good television. And, they believe ratings are the only thing the network really cares about.


As we previously reported, some viewers even suggest removing the players who bullied and mocked Ian from the game. There was a suggestion to replace them with those who had been evicted thus far.

Unfortunately, only time will tell if CBS decides to do anything about the bullying of Ian Terry. But, viewers at home hope they will at least make a statement about it.

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