Hannah Ann Sluss Talks Balancing Life On Instagram

Hannah Ann from Instagram

Hannah Ann Sluss had a rough season of The Bachelor. However, it seems she is using what she learned for good. Now, she’s sharing how she balances her life on Instagram.

Hannah Ann on Instagram

Hannah shared a long caption on Instagram telling her fans how she keeps her life balanced. She says that bodies need rest, or they will make time to rest.

“Our BEST requires REST 🌸 ⁣, she writes”

“I’ve been working hard lately to find and achieve balance — life’s a marathon, not a sprint! Our bodies aren’t designed to go without rest…if you don’t take time off, your body will make time off. I’m learning that setting aside time for rest not only recharges my emotions, but also helps me grow to trust God more. 💞 As @chadveach says, giving God our stress and workload allows him to go to work on our behalf! ”


It would seem that by doing a few things she ensures that she will stay healthy. For instance, she hangs out with her family.

“Here are a few things I’m trying to do to create more balance in my life 💕⁣,” Hannah starts.

“1. Surround myself with family + friends. Who in your life speaks encouragement over you and fills you up? Whoever they are – keep them close! ⁣
2. Unplug from electronics – get that mental sharpness RIGHT. ⁣
3. Exercise + sleep. Both of these help to refocus my spirit and remind me that I’m in control of my feelings – not the other way around! 🥰”

It seems to be good advice and she also seems to be doing really well. In addition, it would appear that by balancing her life, she has been able to make a healthy and happy environment for herself.

Hannah for ‘Bachelorette?’

She recently talked about whether she would ever be The Bachelorette. She says she would be willing to take the risk depending on the timing of the situation.

“It all just depends on where I’m at in life,” she says. “I haven’t given up on love, I truly believe there’s someone out there for me, and I’m excited to meet them. I don’t know how we’ll meet them. But I know I’ll meet them and it might be in front of everyone else to see again, who knows, but not another national TV breakup.”

However, it would be interesting to see how Hannah Ann would handle being the leading role of the show.

Do you want to see Hannah as The Bachelorette? Let us know what you think in the comments. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on your favorite Bachelor Nation stars.

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