Insiders Say ‘RHOSLC’ Premiere Season is ‘Insane,” Trailer is Rumored to Drop TODAY

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It’s been nine months since Bravo announced a new Real Housewives franchise. The surprise announcement came in November 2019, at the BravoCon fan convention.

The choice for the latest spin-off both surprised and frustrated viewers. At the time, there were rumors that Chicago would be the next city to get the Real Housewives treatment. But instead, they went with Salt Lake City. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is supposed to premiere soon, but fans are losing patience. 

After a misunderstanding last week, fans are almost sure that the trailer will drop today, September 9. What can Bravoholics expect from the latest incarnation? 

Insider Reveals RHOSLC Will Be ‘Insane’ 

Bravo is keeping many of the details about RHOSLC a secret. In fact, they haven’t even confirmed the names of the ladies appearing on the show. There are rumors, but fans will have to wait until the promo to find out for sure. 

Heavy recently spoke with “Bravo superfan” David Yontef about the upcoming show. David is the host of the popular podcast Behind the Velvet Rope. Bravo stars from all across the board often guest on the podcast. So, he has something of the inside scoop. 

Like many, he thought using Salt Lake City as a backdrop for a Real Housewives franchise was a strange choice. However, now he is a believer. He says from what he’s heard, Season 1 will be “insane.” He calls it “part Beverly Hills, part OC, it’s a little bit of everything.”

When people hear ‘Salt Lake City,’ they think of Mormons or a ski town. However, RHOSLC will focus on what it’s like to be a “main resident” of the town. The snowy image of the town is definitely at the forefront of Bravo’s marketing, which is rubbing off on fans. 

Will the Trailer FINALLY Come Out Today? 

Andy Cohen has been teasing fans about the new season of RHOSLC for MONTHS. But, his Twitter hints have increased tenfold since the beginning of September. On September 2, he tweeted that RHOSLC is a “curveball to the Housewives franchise.” 

Additionally, a promo featuring Housewives from the other shows premiered during the recent RHOBH reunion. However, none of the RHOSLC stars made an appearance. Rather, it simply teased that the show is “coming soon.” But fans are ready NOW. 

Somehow fans thought the trailer was coming last week. It never did, but now fans are again hoping that the trailer will drop today. Many Bravo fans took to Instagram to make snow/ice jokes about the upcoming trailer. 

A writer for People magazine even got in on the trend. Jodi Guglielmi (@JodiG3) teased that “a cold front is coming through later this afternoon.” While the writer didn’t mention RHOSLC, fans think the trailer will be out at some point today.

Popular Bravo social media fan, @LoveAndyC seemingly confirmed the news. 

Will you be watching the latest Real Housewives franchise? Be sure to tune in to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion Part 2 tonight in case Bravo holds the trailer until then. Follow us on social media for all the latest television news! 

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