Kim Kardashian Reveals that ‘KUWTK’ is Coming To An End

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Shocking news just came out from Kim Kardashian. It turns out that KUWTK is coming to an end! This is something the fans knew could be coming, but are still surprised. Kim shared the news on her Instagram.

Kim shares that KUWTK is over

The gorgeous Kim Kardashian went to her Instagram today and shared the news. She didn’t hold back and explained what is going on with fans. Here is what she had to say about the show coming to an end.

As Kim said, she wouldn’t be where she is without this show. It has helped her to launch her career and her sisters. Kim is sad about the show ending.

Will there be spin-offs?

Fans are assuming that spin-offs will come, but that might not be the case. In her post, Kim Kardashian said that KUWTK was over and also mentioned the many spin-offs they have had over the years. This makes it sound like it is all coming to an end.

Kourtney Kardashian made it very clear last season that she was done with reality television. She wasn’t even on the show much at all. It would be shocking if she ever did a show.

One thing fans were excited about is that Rob Kardashian is coming back to the show. Now, they won’t be getting to see much of him just the bit that was already filmed.

Other family members share

Khloe Kardashian also shared about the show ending. In her post, it was from the family saying it would be over. She personally said, “I am so grateful and thankful to everyone who has supported us and been there through it all. I’m too emotional to fully express myself at the moment. My sappy post will come soon. Change is hard but also needed at times❤️💔❤️💔 I love you all. Thank you for the memories!”

Kourtney hasn’t even shared about the show ending yet. These three main sisters started the show together. Kylie and Kendall Jenner haven’t said a word yet either about the end of KUWTK. Kris Jenner shared the exact same post that Kim Kardashian did.

Are you shocked to hear that KUWTK is coming to an end? Share your thoughts in the comments below! The fans are going to miss this show, but you know that this family will stay in the spotlight for sure. They will still be sharing on social media.

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