Why Are ‘Million Dollar Beach House’ Fans Slamming Peggy Zabakolas?

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Million Dollar Beach House is the new show Netflix wants you to watch. It’s the combination of Selling Sunset and Instant Hotel. However, viewers aren’t happy with the show. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, they sensed the casual racism within the first five minutes of the series.

In this series, real estate agents are selling million-dollar homes in the Hamptons. While it’s the second-most-watched show on Netflix, viewers are complaining about the racism. Even some of the stars got backlash for their lewd and crude behavior. Over the weekend, Peggy Zabakolas got major heat for her treatment of Noel Roberts.

Peggy Z attacked on social media

On Thursday, September 3, Peggy Zabakolas posted a photo of herself looking out into the ocean. The reality star wore a blue-and-white striped maxi dress. In the caption, she asked her followers about their Labor Day plans. But she got more than she bargained for.

Instead of sharing their Labor Day fans, they shared their thoughts on Season 1 of Million Dollar Beach House. Most of her followers called her out for her casual racism. Others didn’t like her “bullying” attitude.

“You’re very much unprofessional and so much drama you definitely ruined the show,” one fan wrote.

“Karen I mean Peggy the way you treated Noel was terrible you should apologize to him,” a second follower chimed in.

Here are some more comments:

  • “Drama queen.”
  • “I hope you’re proud of yourself for being a grown woman acting like a high school bully.. I can’t even watch this show anymore.”
  • “Please quit real estate and tv. Really unbearable to watch.”


It doesn’t sound like her followers will be binge-watching Million Dollar Beach House on Labor Day weekend. Most of them feel the same way about Peggy. Meanwhile, others are calling Netflix to remove the show from the streaming service. Despite the reports of a second season, they don’t want to see any more of it.

Million Dollar Beach House star Noel on his relationship with Peggy

In a new interview with House Beautiful, Noel Roberts gave an update on his work relationship with Peggy. He claims that they’re doing better than ever. It appears that her behavior has changed since they filmed the show last year. Peggy and Noel have become good friends.

“Our [current] relationship is great,” Noel told House Beautiful. “I saw Peggy last night and we’ve had dinner a number of times.”

He explained that they never wanted to have drama with each other, even while filming the series.


“I think we both agree that we thought we were gonna get along great,” Noel explained, “but the natural dynamics of real estate work and differences in style created some tension last summer and that was captured.”

Peggy also revealed that the two are on better terms. The drama between them was just work-related, nothing personal. She told House Beautiful that they are “cordial” and are now “friends.” Noel joked that he and his twin brother, Joel, “had way worse arguments than that.”

Season 1 of Million Dollar Beach House is out now on Netflix. What are your thoughts on Peggy’s treatment of Noel? Sound off below in the comments section.

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  1. I honestly did not like Peggy’s treatment of Noel AT ALL! It appeared to me she wanted Noel to appear stupid or like he didn’t know anything. She was the one talking about him behind his back multiple times. You could tell Noel is a no drama type of guy and she feeds off drama. Yeah, I didn’t even want to watch the show anymore if she was going to continue to abuse him. Noel didn’t start anything. When they were talking at his bday party that conversation should have stayed between them, she took it elsewhere then she appeared to be salty after that.

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