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Anna & Josh Duggar’s Living & Financial Situation Has Fans Confused

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Anna and Josh Duggar are perhaps the most baffling couple on Counting On. Both those who love the Duggar family and those who love to hate it have a hard time wrapping their heads around this couple. Interestingly enough, trolls and fans alike tend to agree this is their least favorite couple. While this is largely because of the skeletons in Josh’s closet… Anna has some of the blame on her shoulders too. Why? Well, many don’t particularly like that she was so forgiving and willing to stay with him. Does she not fear for the safety of her own daughters around him?

Things are getting weird with the couple’s living arrangement.

As we recently reported, Anna Duggar put a home she bought from Jim Bob up on the market. She put a hefty price tag on it. This price tag would give her a significant profit on the purchase. Now, an inside source claims the house needs tons of work and isn’t worth what it is being listed at. Moreover, some speculate the house was actually a bribe from Jim Bob with a promise of a hefty profit in exchange for continuing to stay with her husband. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to know exactly what happened there.

Now, here’s where things get weird. Anna and Josh currently live in a windowless warehouse on the Duggar compound. Yes, you read that correctly. This has fans wondering if perhaps the couple doesn’t have any money. Does Jim Bob and Michelle pay for everything they need for their children? Does Josh do anything for work? What about Anna? Does Michelle and Jana watch the kids?

So many questions, but not many answers. Unfortunately, this is all really speculation, theories, and rumors at this point. Some now wonder if Anna listed the home because she and Josh need money.

Anna and Josh are shaping up to be just like Michelle and Jim Bob.

Many fans can’t help but notice that Anna is shaping up to be a lot like Michelle Duggar. After all, she’s already had six children. And, they are pretty close to each other in age. Them having so many children only makes fans more confused about what they could be possibly doing to make money. Do they have a net worth?

According to Cafe Mom, the couple don’t have much of a net worth to speak of. At least not compared to the other members of the Duggar family. And, certainly not what you would expect from someone in such a famous family. In fact, the couple are estimated to only have a net worth of a few hundred thousand dollars.

So, do you wonder what is going on with Anna and Josh’s living and financial situation? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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