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Jill Dillard Learns Something Surprising About Public Schooling

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Growing up in the household of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, Jill Dillard lived a rather sheltered life. She was home schooled. And, there are just a lot of things Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar did not allow their children to do.

Things changed for Jill after she married her husband Derick Dillard. Derick did not grow up in the same restrictive household. And, he has seemingly been working toward giving Jill a different view on life. Counting On fans have noticed. And, they like it! It does, however, appear to have put distance between Jill and some of her family. But, most fans don’t have an issue with this either.

Jill Dillard shocked everyone by sending her son to public school.

The Counting On alum shocked everyone when she and Derick made the decision to send their son Israel to public school. This just wasn’t something those under the Duggar family tree did. Now, Jill and Derick made a huge deal out of the first day of school on social media. And, their followers were here for it. They believed it would allow Israel to grow up learning more than his mother ever did.

Now, there is no way for Counting On fans to know what Jill Dillard knew about public schooling growing up. After all, who knows what Michelle and Jim Bob did or didn’t tell them about public schooling. So, chances are Jill Dillard has been learning a lot since she made the decision to send her son to school.

It, however, appears as if one little piece of information was truly surprising to Jill Dillard. Something she didn’t really know about public schooling.

What surprising thing did she learn about public schooling?

In a video on YouTube, Jill updated their followers on how school was going. Turns out, both Jill and Derick went to pick up their son on his first day. Jill even recored the last few moments before they picked their son up. Jill Dillard, however, had a confession. There was something she didn’t realize about public schooling. Something that surprised her. She was caught off guard by how long the car rider line was at the school. This was NOT something she had ever experienced before.

“Hey guys, so, I was homeschooled. And I had no idea that these lines would take so long,” Jill explained to her followers. They could see Derick pretending to sleep in the driver seat. Jill Dillard added the duo had been waiting for an hour to pick up their son.

She, however, admitted the wait time may be a little longer than normal. The school broke the line up into two lines the next day. This seemingly cut the wait time in half. Jill joked in the video that she was excited to see Israel “if he ever comes out.”

How do you feel about car rider lines? Sound off in the comments.

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