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‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Believe This Quint Looks A Lot Like Big Sister Blayke Busby

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Now, OutDaughtered fans have been saying for a while that Blayke Busby is a little mini me of her mother Danielle. When the duo pose in a photo, it is easy to see how she gets all of her great looks from her beautiful mother Danielle Busby. But, some OutDaughtered fans can’t help but wonder if Blayke Busby and any of the quints share any physical features. Turns out, fans have decided there is one quint that looks a lot like her big sister. Which quint do they believe is developing to look like Blayke and mommy? Keep reading to find out.

Which quint looks like big sister Blayke Busby?

According to chatter in the comments of recent snaps on the Graeson Bee Boutique, fans believe Parker is growing up to look a lot like her big sister Blayke. In fact, there was a short conversation about it in one of Blayke’s recent snapshots on the Boutique’s page.

One fan noted they originally had a hard time wrapping their head around Blayke and Parker looking similar. They admitted they thought fans who were saying this were a little crazy. This, however, changed when then boutique shared a beautiful snap of Blayke just a few days ago.

“Everyone is always saying that out of all the quints pk looks the most like blayke and I’ve never seen it before, but in this photo I definitely see so much resemblance!!” One fan reflected in the comments of the beautiful photo.

Her height could be part of why fans draw the comparison.

One thing a lot of fans have noticed about Parker is that she towers over the other quints. Any time a photo is snapped of her and the other quints together, it is obvious she is the tallest of the bunch. You mix her towering height in with the similarities to her beautiful mother… And, it is really no wonder people are comparing her to Blayke.

Parker Busby gets a lot of attention in photos these days. Noticeably, fans get emotional over how Parker rarely looks as happy as her sisters in the photo. Most fans assume Parker is a little camera shy or just not that interested in stopping to take photos right now.

Parker, Blayke, and all the Busby quints are blossoming into beautiful young ladies. And, we couldn’t be happier Adam and Danielle continue to let us see windows into their lives.

So, do you think Parker and Blayke look similar? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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