‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Look To Danielle Busby’s ‘Baby Boy,’ Graeson Bee Boutique, For Quint Content Following Hurricane Laura

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A few weeks ago, Danielle Busby really confused OutDaughtered fans when she wished her “baby boy” a happy birthday on Instagram. Now, those who follow the Busby family know Adam and Danielle do not actually have a son. Moreover, there was even a weird discussion with a fan once about whether one of the quints were originally believed to be a boy. Many fans speculated there was a time where the OB tech thought Hazel might be a boy. But, Adam insisted there was never a time they believed they were having any boys.

Who the heck is Danielle Busby’s baby boy?

Now, there was a lot of speculation over who the heck Danielle Busby was talking about. Some questioned if she was returning to her dog as her baby boy. Some fans of OutDaughtered, however, knew exactly who she was talking about. Graeson Bee BoutiqueHer “baby boy” was the clothing boutique she and her husband managed together. Turns out, Danielle and Busby named the boutique after what would have been the name of their son. Graeson.

The Graeson Bee Boutique turned a year old four weeks ago. And, Danielle celebrated the birthday in a big way on Instagram. The boutique had several sales. And, she dedicated an entire post to her “baby boy.”

The Graeson Bee Boutique remains active following Hurricane Laura.

Adam and Danielle Busby have been unusually inactive on Instagram following Hurricane Laura. The family have already confirmed they were not hurt by the hurricane. And, it did not appear that their home took any damage either. But, many of their friends and family members lived in Lake Charles. And, Adam described Lake Charles on Instagram as a “war zone.”

Danielle Busby has also taken to Instagram to beg for help for Lake Charles. Other than a few brief updates about the hurricane. And, a few promotions of Lean and Life Cuisine. Danielle and Adam have been mostly inactive on social media. This, however, is with the exception of Danielle Busby’s “baby boy.”


Graeson Bee Boutique remains super active with a new photo going up nearly every day. The Instagram account also hasn’t mentioned anything about the hurricane. So, fans have been able to turn to Danielle Busby’s “baby boy” to see fresh OutDaughtered content following the hurricane.

Now, photo shoot style photos featuring the Busby girls and Danielle rocking fresh outfits isn’t the same as candid content of the family. But, for most fans, it is better than nothing. It allows many to get their daily dose of the Busby quint cuteness!

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