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‘Married At First Sight’: Party Games And Patience Wearing Thin

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Now that the five Season 11 Married at First Sight couples are settled into real-life for the next six weeks, it’s time for friends and family to see for themselves how life is going.  The good news is that for the most part, this week’s September 2 episode, “You Can Get Out of This,” depicts the couples in corporative moods.  They want those closest to them to see that they are making an effort and still being themselves in the arranged marriage experiment.  For one couple, a first Married at First Sight meltdown at least proves that there are real emotions at stake. Maybe they see something worth sticking it out for.

Amani and Woody are still as good as ‘Married at First Sight’ gumbo

Well, forgive the play on words, but we are in New Orleans, after all.  Woody and Amani start the day with a snuggle and end it the same way.  Their Married at First Sight get-together was as genuine as it gets, as TV Fanatic noted. So much so that all the friends and family seemed one, without any taking sides at all.   Tacos were on the menu for this couple.

The couple joined guests in a game of “Never Have I Ever,” and it didn’t take long for Woody, being Woody, to have five fingers down in response to the questions.  It didn’t take long for Amani to describe just how steamy things got in the shower for the couple, either.  Everyone took a shot on that one!

Woody gushed with the guys and Amani dished with the girls over the contented feelings of knowing their spouses.  The groom timed the intimate moment down to the hour of the honeymoon, the 98th, to be precise. The important part is that both these partners have learned the value and joy in pleasing each other.  That’s a golden Married at First Sight lesson.

It’s paint and Asian pasta for Bennett and Amelia on ‘Married at First Sight’

The tough decision of moving to stay together is still looming for Bennett and Amelia. The artistic groom confessed to his friend, Miranda, that he’s still not ready to confront the choice right now.  Miranda made it clear that “I don’t want you to go,” in a decisive statement.  What is clear is that Bennett is weighing this matter seriously. This is not just another “Bennett adventure” that will be over and done with. It has consequences and requires maturity.  Perhaps even more than this Married at First Sight husband has ever had to muster before.

When it comes to creating another big, happy Married at First Sight family, these two sweeties throw a party that looked like it came from a kibbutz in Israel.  There was hugging, there was singing, there was laughing, talking, and painting in every corner.  The pair chose to let their guests create a lasting mural for their wall, with all kinds of colors and textures to capture emotions.

Amelia’s longest and most-trusted male friend, Louie, spent enough time with Bennett to learn his priorities. He became very impressed that the thespian was “so real” and spoke from the heart.  Amelia described that she could be “completely myself” with her husband.  Louie proposed that maybe everybody should take a chance on a Married at First Sight match, letting the experts take over.

A little lo mein?

Bennett dished up veggie lo mein out of a deep box. And, the memories of the evening were made into a keepsake the next morning, as he and Amelia hung the treasured art on their wall.  Married at First Sight fans are hoping against hope that the upcoming move won’t mean parting for this kismet pair.  Selflessness is often a learned and very acquired quality.  It doesn’t just happen.

More than the salmon gets hot on ‘Married at First Sight’ for Henry and Christina

In a funny introduction to their segment, Christina describes how Amelia told everyone about Bennett’s tiny house, and she counters that her husband, too, has a tiny house.  The flashbacks of Henry’s close quarters come to the screen.

Christina relates her added touches to the apartment to make it a home for the two. Of course, she also mentions her frustration in being the only one who seems to be invested in the marriage.  She and Henry do seem more open and relaxed as they welcome a smaller group of friends and family.  Their game of “either-or” questions highlights the differences between them.  For example, Christina says “intimacy is everything,” while Henry would rather spend time with his celebrity crush even if the experience itself was lackluster. Pastor Cal would have gotten a gold mine of counseling topics from this Married at First Sight party.

Getting serious

In a revealing conversation, Henry’s friend, Kristen, shares with Christina how she thought Henry was “a real buzz-kill” the first time they met.  In only a few days, however, Kristen explained how Henry helped her through one of the hardest times of her life.  TV Shows Ace reports how fans are divided on Henry.

Quite a few of Henry’s friends are surprised at just how slow the marriage is moving. They try to encourage him, and he interjects, “Let me get my manual…”  Marriage is never that easy.

When Christina gets frustrated about having no butter or oil in the apartment to prepare the salmon, it leads to more heated discussions over her doing most of the grocery shopping, and not getting proper gratitude. She pushes Henry over not looking her in the eye and not speaking his mind.  He explains both and declares that her being impatient is not attractive.

At one juncture, Christina turns Henry’s self-question around, asking “Yeah, what the h#ll are you doing, Henry. You can get out of this.”

Cooling off can be cool

The barbs get personal, as in “and there’s nothing wrong with you…” before Christina becomes frustrated with production again.  She asks for a list of questions to engage her husband in conversation.  He continues to eat dinner but soon leaves. “I can’t do this…” the Married at First Sight groom says as he walks down the hallway to the elevators.

At least there was something human and animated in this exchange on  Married at First Sight.  Henry and Christina weren’t being stiff, fake, or phony.  They got down to the real.  If they can use words and feelings together– something genuine can happen. It’s hard to tell sometimes whether Christina gets more perturbed by her husband or the Married at First Sight reality show itself.  She’s a big girl, and she knew what she was signing on the dotted line.

Miles and Karen make tiny ‘Married at First Sight’ strides

Every Married at First Sight couple brought out the good stuff to host their parties.  Miles and Karen seemed the most like a normal newlywed couple since their wedding day with the preparations.  She would scold him for stealing shrimp and he tried to stay out of her way in the kitchen.

“Truth or Dare” was the game of choice for guests, and right off the bat, one card demanded that Karen sit on Miles’ lap for the whole game.  Miles had to submit to an underarm sniff of his bride.  The couple surprised everyone by “daring” to serve up a little kiss to their guests. Karen disclosed during a profile interview that she would “welcome a kiss.”

In a separate conversation, Miles made it known to his wife that he needs “words of affirmation” to lift up his day.  She confessed that such praise was not her strong point, but that she would work on getting better.  During the party, Miles’ baby sister insisted that her brother’s chivalrous nature and devotion were “just who he is.” She continued, “Karen is sweet but I’m still waiting to feel like she’s my baby brother’s wife.”

That path may be longer than expected.  In previews, Married at First Sight uncovers how Karen discovers a future date for intimacy marked on her husband’s calendar.  Innocent or not, the gesture is sure to get a fire going—and not one leading to passion.

Brett and Olivia are still struggling over who has the wallet

Finances are always a sticking point for most couples, but Brett is taking far more offense than most husbands over having a wife who earns more.  The groom tried to rally support from his fellow husbands, but as Woody admitted, “She’s used to live stars, and she’s going to pay for it.”  It wasn’t a problem to the Married at First Sight male consensus.

Brett prefers to watch his wealth and retirement grow, but as far as Olivia is concerned, she doesn’t want to just sit home and pet the cats.  “I didn’t get married for that,” she tells her best friend.

It’s hard to tell whether this couple’s Married at First Sight game was a cross between Jenga and intimacy questions or not.  Even though the partners put on happy faces with their friends, both the bride and groom seem to have given up on lasting satisfaction.  Brett does get Olivia started on a budget before throwing in a nice steak dinner at home.  Even stingy memories can still be sweet.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.




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