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‘Letterkenny’ Fans Want YouTube Skits & Wayne’s COVID Commentary

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Hulu subscribers described Season 8 of Letterkenny as “top shelf quality.” But, they are itching for new episodes to watch. Technically, it was predicted that Letterkenny would drop new episodes and another season a few months ago. But, COVID-19 happened and the world seemed to stop spinning. Production of all our favorite shows were put on pause. This, unfortunately, included Letterkenny.

More of Letterkenny has been confirmed, but when will it come?

Now, fans of the series can rest easy knowing more seasons of Letterkenny are coming. This is something that has been confirmed during multiple interviews and in several reports. The real question is when can we expect new episodes to drop?

Unfortunately, we really don’t have any concrete details regarding that question. The series does have a Twitter account and a YouTube account. So, if something changes regarding a Hulu release date for Season 9… Chances are pretty good that’s where you’ll find this information!

Still, fans continue to push about when new episodes will come.

“Hopefully stuff gets better so you guys can get filming next season,” one fan penned on Twitter.

A second fan chimed in: “But will Letterkenny be back?”

Fans were treated to a fun LetterKenny clip a month ago.

It seems as though the Letterkenny YouTube and Twitter account try to post something periodically to keep the fan base happy. A month ago, they posted a pretty fun hockey related skit. Some LetterKenny fans didn’t care for it because they don’t follow sports. But, it was still a fun short clip to watch.

The clip, however, sparked something among the fan base. One individual took to the comments of the YouTube clip and begged. Begged for them to consider releasing short Letterkenny YouTube clips until they can start production again. The individual insisted some Letterkenny content was better than none. Other fans seemed to agree.

The suggestion, however, went a little deeper. Another individual noted it would be especially fun for fans to see Wayne’s commentary on COVID-19. What exactly does he have to say about the current state of the world? Letterkenny fans believe they would get a real kick out of his pandemic commentary.

Unfortunately, there really hasn’t been a scrap of information about when Letterkenny will return. But, the Twitter account did post about hockey starting up again just yesterday.

Here’s hoping Hulu subscribers will get new episodes of Letterkenny to watch in the near future! Stick with us at Tv Shows Ace for the latest!

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