Maddie Brown Brush Answers Questions About Evie’s Surgery

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Some Sister Wives fans are a bit confused after Maddie Brown Brush posted a photo revealing her daughter Evie recently had amputation surgery. The update came a week ago. And, just a day ago, Maddie posted a post-surgery update. As we previously reported, Maddie’s daughter Evie looks to be doing great following her surgery. But, fans still had a lot of questions. Some were shocked to see she was missing her foot. What happened? Those who missed the first Instagram post about the surgery asked in a panic.

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush recognized the panic, answered questions.

Maddie Brown Brush realized how alarmed and concerned many of her Instagram followers were. While she doesn’t have the same following as Kody Brown’s wives, she does have a healthy following of 325,000. So, she decided to take to Instagram again. Just a day after her post-surgery update. Maddie Brown Brush decided to answer some of the burning questions TLC fans have about Evie’s surgery.

“You cut her foot off? If she was functional, why did you amputate? Wait, where is her foot? Was it really necessary to cut her foot off? These are all questions I have received since Evie’s Surgery.”

Now, Maddie Brown Brush wanted to make one thing clear. She was not upset by the questions. In fact, she understood. She recognized if she was on the outside looking in… She would have the same question. So, instead, she did her best to answer the questions. She did her best to explain.

“I understand the questions and at first glance, I would ask the same thing. Evie’s left Tibia bone, along with the bowing it had, was also about a 1/3 shorter than her right. When she’s little it’s not super noticeable unless closely looked at. As she grows though, we were looking at the possibility of a dramatic difference.” Maddie Brown Brush began to explain.

It was not an easy decision to make.

Maddie Brown Brush added the surgery she and Caleb selected for Evie was not right for everyone.  In some cases, the “lengthening surgery” is the better choice. But, doctors determined Evie was in a “grey area.” So, there is a chance the surgery would not have worked.

With at least 4 major surgeries and the possibility of having to amputate in the end, we chose a Boyd amputation.”

Maddie Brown Brush continued to reassure her followers this was not a decision she and Caleb made with ease. In fact, she admits they spent nearly all of last year educating themselves. They spoke to doctors. And, they spoke to other families. They even spoke to amputees. After months and months of researching and learning, they made a decision they believed was best for Evie.

The Sister Wives star admits her daughter has changed her views on amputation.

Maddie Brown Brush admits she used to look at amputation differently. She thought it was a type of surgery done only when a limb could not be saved. But, now, she knows that is not true. She knows there are situations were amputation is to improve a person’s quality of life.

The Sister Wives star concluded her lengthy Instagram post hoping she did her part to raise awareness. And, she hoped her followers better understood the decision she made for her daughter.

Maddie Brown Brush encourages her followers to embrace and understand “limb difference.”

So, do you feel more informed about her daughter Evie’s surgery? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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