‘Younger’s’ Sutton Foster Reading ‘Older’ Audiobook, Will Novel Include Season 7 Spoilers?

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With the release of Older, Younger author Pamela Redmond shares why she thinks Younger won’t go beyond Season 7, why she thinks Kelsey is more ambitious than Liza and the one character she wished she dreamed up.

Younger Author Release Older

When Pamela Redmond released her novel, Younger, about a 44-year-old divorcee who lies about her age to get a job, she never imagined that this would turn into an amazing television series starring Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster.

Now, she is releasing Older. This sequel has 50-year-old Liza moving over to Los Angeles after writing an autobiographical book called Younger. Why LA? That is because Kelsey is there creating a television series about Liza’s life.

There, Liza becomes entangled with the actor who plays her boss. But, she still has Josh back in Brooklyn. That relationship is still in limbo.

This book sounds fabulous and fun, especially since Younger Season 7 has been delayed due to the coronavirus quarantine. How can you take that up one notch? How about Sutton Foster reading this new sequel in the audio book?


Does Older Include Season 7 Spoilers?

That is an easy question to answer. The book and the series are two separate entities. Author Pamela Redmond is not in any way involved with the television series. The series is based on the book, Younger. But, Darren Star has been responsible for leading the direction of the storyline.

Recently, Pamela Redmond spoke to The Dipp about Younger. One change from the novel to the series is the character of Charles. Although Charles was not in the original novel, the publication notes “how Meta” it is that there is an actor playing the Charles character in Older. Obviously, Redmond loved this character and in her upcoming book, there is a sort of Team Josh vs Team Charles actor competition going on.


Younger Author Predicted Season 7 Would Be Last

Now that everyone knows about Liza, Redmond admits, she “can’t see the main series going on for much longer.” This interview was in late July 2020. Just a month later, Hilary Duff stated that Younger Season 7 would be the last. TVLand has not yet made an official announcement.

As she discussed the popular series with Australian news show, she repeated that this “last season” could even start filming in the next couple of months. New York is starting to open up. ¬†This could mean that Younger Season 7 could wind up airing sooner than summer 2021 as many were speculating. That is because Debi Mazar had stated that they would not start filming until March 2021.

Confused? It has to be difficult for the actors to keep up with what is happening here. What we know is that there will be a Younger Season 7. There also appears to be a Younger spinoff in development.

What do we know about a Kelsey Peters spinoff? This would star Hilary Duff. Right now, the reports state that Darren Star is in development for this Younger spinoff. Very little is known. Yet, as Younger Season 7 has not been filmed, nor aired, he surely does not want to inadvertently give out any spoiler when discussing the spinoff.

Fans will likely not know anything about the spinoff until after the final Season 7 episode airs.


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