Corey Feldman Sues WeTV For Emotional Abuse On ‘Marriage Bootcamp’

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Child star Corey Feldman filed a lawsuit against WeTV. He claims he was held “hostage” on the set of Marriage Bootcamp. According to a new report, the Stand By Me star alleges that producers exploited him for ratings. He claims that his experience has led to “severe emotional trauma.”

Last week, Corey filed the lawsuit against WeTV and Think Factory Media. In the court documents, Corey claims that producers made him out to be the “liar” of the season. Corey spoke out about the emotional and physical abuse in Hollywood. He feels that WeTV’s producers used his pain.

Corey Feldman alleges producers held him “hostage” on Marriage Bootcamp

The Blast obtained the legal documents that Corey Feldman filed. He alleges that the producers exploited him for television ratings. Additionally, he claims that both WeTV and Think Factory Media “falsified information to the public.” The information made him a look like a “liar” on the broadcast. In the lawsuit, Corey calls himself an advocate for child abuse victims.

Corey revealed that the show had “full knowledge of the importance and the nature of Mr. Feldman’s lifetime work.” The Goonies star is now an “ACTIVE advocate” for his late friend and fellow child star, Corey Haim. He also advocates for other children who have been abused in the film industry. Corey starred on the reality show in 2019 alongside other celebrities, such as Aaron Carter.

In fact, the actor said that the show used medical professionals to provide a “false sense of security.”

The actor claims the reality series “glamorized abuse”

Corey Feldman didn’t feel comfortable with being on the show. He claims that the company

“produced what is known as ‘reality’ childhood emotional trauma porn for their audiences, capitalizing the patient’s difficulty dealing with challenges and underlining the suffering by offering no palatable option for healing or even having a safety net ready for when they fall.”

Moreover, Corey said that the producers caused him “emotional trauma” stemming from his childhood abuse he faced in the industry. As a trauma survivor, he felt that producers forced him to film “life-altering traumatic episodes” for ratings. The singer says that the show repeated his “most traumatic moments” during the commercial breaks.

Goonies star alleges Marriage Bootcamp caused “distress” to wife and family

However, Corey Feldman isn’t the only one who suffered from “emotional trauma.” The 80s star also revealed that the season of Marriage Bootcamp deeply affected his wife, Courtney Anne Mitchell, and his brother. Producers asked them both to appear on the show.

The network still promotes much of those highlights, including scenes with him and Aaron Carter. The actor said that the videos “continue to negatively impact Mr. Feldman’s reputation, credibility and causing him emotional anguish.” As a result, participating in the show has left him in “mental anguish and physical danger.”

As a result, Corey wants to sue the network, production company, and medical professionals involved with the series. As of Sunday, August 30, WeTV hasn’t responded to Corey’s lawsuit.

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