Danielle Busby Provides Scary Hurricane Update While Adam Is Out Of Town

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Fans have been begging Danielle Busby for an update on their plans for the hurricane. Fortunately, she recently took to Instagram to give us one. Unfortunately, it is a little scary!

Danielle Busby offers fans an update on hurricane plans for the family.

OutDaughtered fans are well aware Danielle Busby and her entire family are in the path of the hurricanes currently heading for the United States. And, it has everyone concerned for their safety. 

Noticeably, Danielle Busby has been pretty stressed out about the looming hurricane. She has posted about it on Instagram several times. She noted on the It’s a Buzzworld Instagram account she was a stressed out mama last night. And, according to her Instagram Stories, she ended her day with a relaxing stress away bath bomb from Young Living.

Danielle Busby says they were monitoring the hurricane situation.

While getting the girls ready for school this morning, Danielle Busby shared a short video clip on her Instagram Stories. In the clip, she briefly discussed the scary hurricane. She updated fans that she was currently monitoring the situation. And, they would take any necessary preparations to keep everyone safe!


Hurricane update: The OutDaughtered family will be evacuating the area.

So, what is the latest hurricane update? Well, it seems as though things are getting worse! As those who follow the Busby family know, Adam is NOT home right now. While they didn’t say why, he recently traveled to Kentucky. And, Danielle was managing the fort on her own. So, now, it looks like she’ll be weathering the storm alone with her girls!

In a short video clip Danielle Busby uploaded to her Instagram Stories, she keeps fans updated. She reveals she never imagined being in a situation where she would need to prepare for a hurricane without Adam by her side. Unfortunately, he is out of town and she is doing this alone.

Press play on the short clip below to listen to Danielle update on the current hurricane plans.


So, what are the plans?

Well, Danielle reveals Blayke’s second day of school was cancelled. She had a few people help secure all of their outside furniture and prep the house for the hurricane. And, now, she was on her way to pick up the quints early from school.

She explained the plan was to evacuate the area because of how bad the hurricane is expected to be. Danielle added that she was picking the girls up from school, they were filling the gas tank up, and they were hitting the road.

So, this is both a scary and relieving update for fans of OutDaughtered. But, Danielle has decided evacuating the area is in the best interest of keeping the girls safe. Will Adam be joining them? Will he just stay where he is? We will keep you updated when we know more!

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