You Can Stay At The Same Ranch Where ‘Yellowstone’ Is Filmed


Listen up, Yellowstone fans! You could stay at the same ranch where the TV show films! Could you see yourself wearing cowboy gear and riding horses? Then the “Dutton Ranch” would be a perfect getaway.

Kevin Costner’s character John Dutton is the owner of the Yellowstone ranch. The Dutton family fights to defend their ranch and way of life from an Indian reservation and land developers.

The family struggles to trust one another along with political aspirations and deep family secrets. However, there’s no doubt John Dutton will do whatever it takes to keep his ranch.

Yellowstone films just outside of Yellowstone National Park in Darby, Montana.

However, the ranch is actually called Chief Joseph Ranch and it’s gorgeous with major views. Chief Joseph Ranch is located along the beautiful Bitterroot River. It has been featured in Architectural Digest, American Log Homes, The Barns of Montana, and more. Now the ranch is being featured as the backdrop for the hit show Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Cabins For Rent

It would be tough to pass up a trip to see The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond’s hometown. You can stay at Drummond’s The Boarding House or head on to Chief Joseph Ranch where two cabins on the property are for rent. The two cabins on the ranch are The Ben Cook cabin (Rip’s cabin in Season 1 and Kayce’s cabin in Season 2.) And the Fisherman’s Cabin (Lee’s cabin in Season 1 and Season 2). In addition, each cabin sleeps eight guests and comes with a full kitchen.

Although the Dutton family home is not for rent, you will forget all about it once you arrive. What can guests do in the area? Guests at the ranch can spend their time fishing, horseback riding, and hiking through the area’s beautiful mountains. Or just relax a little and enjoy being off the grid.

How To Rent A Cabin

If you think you and your family or friends would like to rent a cabin at Chief Joseph Ranch, check out their website. Regretfully, with the filming schedule for Yellowstone and accommodating other guests, spots are full through 2021.

“In June 2020, Paramount announced that all filming for the Yellowstone series would take place in Montana beginning with Season 4. This increased local production has created shorter reservation allowances. However, the filming schedule for 2022 is not available at this time. Please continue to visit our website for updates and scheduling information,” the site explains.

You can binge-watch every episode of Yellowstone through Season 3 while you’re waiting on an opening at Chief Joseph Ranch.

There’s no word when Season 4 will start, but if it sticks to the schedule probably June of 2021. Either way, fans can’t wait to see what happens to the Duttons.


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