Amy Roloff SLAMMED For Unsanitary Cooking Habits & Messy Kitchen

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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff loves cooking. One of her happiest places appears to be in the kitchen. And, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. But, some critics of the TLC series think Amy Roloff should dial back documenting her cooking for the public to see. At the very least, they think she should be more conscious of sanitary cleaning habits and having a tidy kitchen. What exactly is it that has followers of Amy Roloff in a stir? Keep reading to find out.

Amy Roloff is extremely passionate about cooking.

Per In Touch Weekly, Amy Roloff dove into the cooking industry back in 2016. It all started with an online bakery. To date, she has done a significant amount of expanding on what she offers her customers. Today, she sells adorable merchandise in addition to her yummy baked goods.

And, LPBW fans don’t have to buy her baked goods if they enjoy cooking. Amy Roloff also generously shares her yummy recipes with her fans. So, if you are really concerned about how sanitary she is… You can just make the food yourself!

With COVID-19 keeping everyone at home, Amy Roloff has had all the time in the world. So, it makes sense that she would be doing extra cooking and baking! And, she’s decided to record herself and share many of her cooking experiences with her fans. Just recently, she shared a video on Instagram. The video featured herself cooking her very favorite dish from the first cookbook she released. Lemon scones topped with blackberry jam. Yum!

Amy Roloff also shared a video a few weeks ago of herself cooking shrimp and quinoa.

Her followers are here for her passionate cooking.

Amy Roloff receives a lot of praise across her cooking videos on Instagram. Some have jested the Food Network needs to pick her up for her own cooking show. Or, perhaps TLC could consider giving a Little People themed cooking show a whirl.

“I think it would be a hit plus what an inspiration for people to watch you work all your delicious recipes in front of there eyes.” One of her followers insisted in the comments. At the very least, some wanted to see Amy featured on a celebrity cooking show episode.

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys watching Amy Roloff cook.

In the comments of a video Amy posted on Instagram back in July, she caught a lot of heat. Some of her followers were NOT happy with her unsanitary cooking habits. And, they were very vocal about it.

  • “Just wish Amy wouldn’t constantly lick her fingers when she’s dealing with food then touching everything around her yuk. Especially in the situation we are in at the moment with COVID-19.”
  • “Amy please stop licking your fingers and not washing before you touch something. Know its a habit we all do but please not on a video everyone seeing.”

Critics recognized licking fingers while cooking was a habit a lot of people had. But, it was a habit Amy needed to break if she was going to document her cooking for the world to see.

And, it turns out, licking her fingers while cooking isn’t the only issues have. According to Reddit, critics took issue with something else in a more recent video.

What’s the issue? Well, they don’t think the kitchen Amy Roloff is cooking in is very clean. Between the unsanitary cooking habits and the dirty kitchen… People aren’t really sure why she’s making her cooking sessions available for public viewing.

  • “I understand they had a big family but was always surprised at the condition of the house. Now, she touts herself as some phenomenal cook and I just don’t buy it. She could barely keep up her home yet now is some kitchen guru.”
  • “The state of the house during the early episodes is just atrocious. I get anxiety just seeing the crap strewn all over the place. Furthermore, Matt left Amy to do all the housework and expected her to raise and discipline the kids while he got to be the ‘fun’ parent.”

Some, however, were quick to defend Amy. They noted that being good at cleaning and being good at cooking were two different skill sets. And, it was possible Amy was good at cooking and bad at cleaning.

So, what do you think about Amy Roloff’s cooking habits?

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