‘OutDaughtered’: Does Riley Busby Have Her Own Bedroom?

Riley Busby

The OutDaughtered family decided to turn their temporary rental home into their forever home. And, then, Adam and Danielle Busby quickly got to work making necessary renovations. These renovations were necessary to make the home better accommodate their large and growing family.

Considering how many children Adam and Danielle Busby have, it is safe to assume they do not all have their own bedroom. So, some OutDaughtered fans can’t help but wonder. What kind of room confirmations do the Busbys have? Moreover, which of the quints share a bedroom? While we don’t have a concrete quote confirming the room arrangements, we were able to get some information from a recent Instagram Stories video by Danielle!

Danielle Busby reveals room configurations while talking school outfits.

As we previously reported, Danielle Busby recently defended dressing the quints in the same outfits during most of their first week back to school. Danielle insisted she gives the quints choices on what they want to wear. But, the quints decided they wanted to dress in matching outfits. Danielle claims it is just something they’ve grown up enjoying doing. So, there was really no reason for fans to give them heat for the way they dress the girls.

But, on Friday, she decided to change things up. She gave the girls freedom to raid their closets and wear whatever they wanted. So, on Friday, they wore different outfits for the first time all week. And, Danielle admitted she was a little surprised by some of the choices.

Moreover, even with different outfits… Hazel and Riley still looked like they were wearing nearly the same dress!

Ok, so what does this have to do with their bedrooms?

Well, Danielle Busby went from bedroom to bedroom as she showed off the different outfits the quints had selected to wear. Now, most won’t find it too surprising to learn that “the twins” Ava and Olivia share a room. She also revealed that Parker and Hazel share a room.

We’ve also recently reported that Parker and Hazel have an especially close bond. Adam Busby frequently finds the quints engaging in super sweet activities together.


But, that still leaves one quint out. What about Riley? Well, it appears as if Riley might have a room to herself! Either that or she’s sharing a room with Blayke. But, considering the age difference… It would make more sense that Riley and Blayke have their own rooms.

Does Riley Busby have her own room?

Now, we can’t confirm with 100 percent certainty. But, based on the way Danielle described the bedrooms it would appear that is the case. Now, as we previously reported, Riley Busby has a lot of trouble waking up in the morning. The other quints seem to have a much easier go of waking up. So, it would certainly make sense that she’d have her own room!


How do you feel knowing Riley Busby might be the only quint with her own room?

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