‘Big Brother’ 22 All-Stars: Keesha Smith Dishes All The Dirt On Targets, Alliances And Memories

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Thursday night fans saw the first eviction of Season 22 of Big Brother All-Stars. Keesha Smith was voted off 13-0. She’s very disappointed to be the first to leave. However, now she is dishing out some dirt on how she feels about leaving, who has targets on their back and alliances.

Keesha shares thoughts on being first evicted houseguest

Entertainment Tonight dished out all the details about what Keesha had to say. When talking about the shocking eviction she said, “I’m so frustrated, are you kidding me? Today, it’s all sinking in. I don’t feel like my personality even got a chance to come out. It’s very disappointing.”

She went on to say, “I didn’t really get a chance to play. The house was so calm. It was so different from my season. Nobody’s acting crazy [or] throwing a fit … [I was] up against one of the nicest people in the whole house, so it was a much different game.”


What was her downfall?

Keesha feels a part of why she was sent home is because she didn’t have as much time to prepare. Plus, she didn’t really have alliances going into the season. She had not been on the show in more than a decade. They all seemed to know each other and she was unfamiliar with many of them.

Keesha said, “I think my biggest downfall was I didn’t know a lot of the houseguests.” she continued, “Not knowing Cody was a huge, huge downfall for me. They all had a connection — they all knew each other. So I think he just picked two people he didn’t know much about.”

And, while Keesha has not yet watched any of the episodes, she regrets not going to introduce herself to Cody. Had she of gotten to know him a little better perhaps things would have turned out differently.

She was shocked to learn Memphis had won Head of Household following her eviction.

Who’s got a target on their back and who Keesha hopes wins it all

When she found out Memphis was HOH, she said the women remaining are not safe. Keesha said, “Wow, wow … okay. That’s interesting. He is definitely going to go after a girl — maybe Nicole. Memphis is going to go after the ladies, for sure. I think Janelle is safe … but any of the other ladies, I would not consider them safe.” Maybe Janelle is safe from Memphis, but Keesha did say she definitely has a target on her back.

While she thinks the ladies are not safe, she wants to see Cody evicted next. She feels he needs to sweat it a little bit. She thinks he needs his turn.

As for alliances, Keesha said she thinks Tyler and David are working together.

As for who she hopes takes home the big prize, Keesha says she hopes it’s Janelle, David or Kaysar. She also told US Weekly she wouldn’t mind seeing Da’Vonne in the top three.

When asked about her favorite memories from her times on Big Brother, she shared it’s definitely about the friendships. Keesha said, “I love the friendships. I really do. I love the friendships I made in the house. That’s what you take with you. That’s near and dear, for sure.”

Another iconic moment for her was turning 30 while in the house the first time around. She said, “We were crazy! But you know what, I wouldn’t take it back for a second. That’s the most memorable birthday I ever had in my life. When people say, “Where were you when you turned 30?” I can tell you where I was, I can tell you what was happening, the details of that birthday.”

Big Brother: All-Stars airs on CBS Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.



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