Molly Mesnick Dedicates Post To Melissa Rycroft Ahead of Jason Mesnick’s ‘Bachelor’ Recap

Molly and Jason Mesnick via Instagram

Jason Mesnick’s season of The Bachelor was tough. At least the ending was tough. To refresh everyone’s memory, Jason chose Melissa Rycroft and proposed. On the live After the Final Rose he broke up with her and asked Molly Malaney to take him back. She did and they have lived happily ever after. But, seeing it all air again can be rough and bring back memories. So, in light of tonight’s Bachelor: GOAT episode, Molly is dedicating her Instagram post to Melissa.

Molly dedicates post to Melissa

Molly went to Instagram to share photos from Jason’s season of The Bachelor. She also decided to use her post to dedicate it to Melissa. Molly said she can post about how grateful she is for the show. It lead her to Jason and his son Ty and they also had a daughter together. However, she felt it was most important to acknowledge Melissa.

Molly said she dared fans to find one article about her that does not mention Melissa and vice versa. She said, “An article like that doesn’t exist. Our names have forever been synonymous, but I’m here to tell you that Melissa Rycroft is sooooo much more than – what they like to say – “a jilted woman”!”

She shares her thoughts on Melissa

Molly went on to talk about the first night and moving forward on The Bachelor. She said, “One of the FIRST ladies I met on the show was Melissa. She was in my limo, with 3 other gals, so we experienced that first drive up to the Bachelor house together. When we moved into the house, I shared a room with 4 other ladies, and guess whose bed was right next to mine….Melissa’s! We spent a lot of time together, and I can tell you, her personality is infectious! She is funny, charismatic, drop dead gorgeous, and amongst all other things, she’s smart.”

Molly acknowledged that Melissa ended up in the middle of a bad situation. She said, “Melissa….she took a crappy situation and turned it into some serious lemonade! DWTS (x’s 2!), a DECADE long career in media & hosting, she married her long-time sweetheart, has 3 beautiful kiddos!”

Molly went on to say that life happens in weird ways. It’s not always pretty, but it ultimately leads one to where they are supposed to be. She also said she knows Melissa would be the first to say she is exactly where she wants to be in life right now. Molly also said she is glad she got to know Melissa and that they both went through a very unique experience together.

Molly concluded saying, “It shaped us, changed us, and made us the people we are today and THAT, my friends, it why I am grateful to have gone through this experience. Happy watching 🌹❤️.”

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