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‘VPR’: Lala Kent Reveals Why She Removed Photos Of Randall Emmett Amid Split Rumors

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Lala Kent made the split rumors swirl last month. The Vanderpump Rules star previously admitted she was being petty. She archived all of fiancé Randall Emmett’s photos on her Instagram page. She was so upset with him that she didn’t even want to see his photos on her social media. This led to the rumors that the couple abruptly split.

Lala and Randall have been engaged since 2018. They had to postpone their spring nuptials to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, they’ve been quarantining together. This led the couple to have several blowout fights. Despite the split rumors, Lala and Randall feel stronger together.

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett address the split rumors

The Vanderpump Rules couple were in quarantine, which made their relationship volatile. Now, they’re living separately. Lala Kent is in her hometown in Utah, while Randall is at his home in Los Angeles.

But the couple has not broken up, despite the previous speculation. Headlines claimed that the VPR star ended her relationship with the Hollywood producer.

Rumors swirled when Randall’s photos disappeared from her Instagram account. The couple admitted to Entertainment Tonight that they were going through something at the time. Lala also admits that she was being petty.

“I’m gonna be so real with you right now,” Lala exclaimed to ET. “We went to the grocery store and we got so much food, and as we were checking out, I would wheel out…”

“I can’t believe you’re telling this story,” Randall chimed in, interrupting Lala.

“Because it’s so petty – it’s so petty – that you’re gonna die,” Lala explained. “So as he’s checking out, just sitting there, really, I’m wheeling the cart out and filling the car up, so that we don’t have four carts to load at once. Then we go to the house and I unload all the groceries – he goes MIA. Not only do I unload the groceries, I put them away.”

Lala found herself dealing with the groceries. Meanwhile, Randall was having the time of his life waterskiing. The Give Them Lala founder admits she was ” so p***ed.” But Randall doesn’t think she needed to reveal that story to the tabloid.

Vanderpump Rules star knows she acts petty

Lala Kent was angry with Randall for good reason. She thought he wanted someone who could take care of him while he went out and did whatever.

“I was like, if you wanted a housewife to cook and clean, you got the wrong girl,” she continued. “You got the wrong one. So, I archived [his pictures] ’cause I was petty. I was just petty like that. It’s so stupid. It’s so stupid.”

Randall claims he was excited to go boating. The next thing he knew, the split rumors swirled. He received text messages from friends who wanted to know if the couple was still together. He had no idea that Lala archived his photos on her Instagram.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the couple doesn’t follow each other on Instagram. They prefer to keep it that way. Lala says that it helps them avoid unnecessary drama. But even unfollowing each other has caused drama in their relationship.

Lala understands the mess she made

Lala Kent joked that she was “PMS-ing that day.” She knew she was able to archive all of Randall’s photos within 60 seconds. She’s done it before. At the same time, Lala posted a “cryptic” message on her Instagram Stories, which turned out to be a prayer she learned from Alcoholics Anonymous. But now that she looks back, she realizes how bad it looked.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about sobriety. It’s important for me to say that this is a disease that can only be self diagnosed. No one got me sober… I got me sober. I made the choice to work hard every day to not pick up a drink. When I’m feeling weak, I call my sponsor. I go to meetings (sign onto them, now) to keep my spirits high and to remember why I made this life-changing choice. I see addiction in front of me often- but it isn’t my job to speak on it, nor is it my job to judge. It’s my job to pray for them and take a moment of silence for the alcoholic who still suffers. And when someone comes to me asking for help, I offer my ear & knowledge, and point them in the direction that was pointed to me. #1year9months2days

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“People didn’t realize, if you went three days before, that, I started with the first step, second step, third and that just happened to fall on the fourth-step prayer, where I archived all of Randall’s photos,” Lala explained. “So, you put both of them together and it did look mess, but it was just petty.”

Despite the rumors, the couple is stronger than ever. They spent more time together than before the coronavirus pandemic. The global health crisis forced Randall and Lala to postpone their April wedding, which they rescheduled to 2021.

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