Nicole Franzel Would Be The First To Win ‘Big Brother’ Twice

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Nicole Franzel is a name Big Brother fanatics will recognize as a member of the Big Brother All-Stars Season 22 cast. Why? Well, because this will be Nicole’s third stint inside of the Big Brother household. Considering the whole theme of the reality TV show is to “expect the unexpected,” returning for a third time may not give her much of an advantage. Moreover, she’s not the only house guest that’s been in the Big Brother house multiple times.

If she wins, Nicole Franzel would be the first two-time winner of Big Brother.

Now, it goes without saying that Nicole Franzel would not be the first individual to return to Big Brother for a second (or third) stint. But, a key difference is Nicole has won the game before. Nicole finished in 7th place during Big Brother Season 16. And, then she came back and won during Big Brother Season 18.

So, despite already winning that $500,000 prize… Nicole Franzel is back and ready to play again. Now, why would someone that has already won Big Brother want to play the game again? Well, Nicole feels as though she still has something to prove to the at-home audience.

According to Michigan Live, Nicole Franzel caught a lot of heat as the winner of Big Brother Season 18. Namely, many believed it was Paul Abrahamian who should have won. Some insisted she stole the win from him. So, Nicole was motivated to come back and play again. Hopefully, to show the at-home audience that she did deserve that win and possibly another one.

Will her fellow house guests even let her make it that far?

Given the way these types of reality TV shows work, it is extremely unlikely that Nicole Franzel would make it very far in the game. Many of her fellow house guests are likely to see her as an “easy vote” because she’s previously won this game. She’s already won this prize and why should she be allowed to win again? These are questions some of the house guests will likely pose.

Other house guests might see Nicole as a threat because she’s won the game before. Becoming a two-time winner of Big Brother certainly isn’t an easy feat. After all, that is why it has never happened for. So, if Nicole Franzel was able to make it to the end of the game… It might just be what she needs to silence the fans who insist she stole Season 18 from Paul.

So, do you think Nicole Franzel has a chance at winning Big Brother a second time? Will her fellow house guests see her as an easy vote out? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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