Ant Anstead Takes Social Media Break, Tired Of ‘Toxic’ Environment

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Wheeler Dealers star Ant Anstead is taking a break from from social media after calling it out for being a “toxic” environment. This decision comes on the heels of his Flip or Flop alum wife Christina’s ex Tarek El Moussa’s recent engagement. Turns out, Ant’s social media followers had a lot to say about Tarek’s engagement to Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young. Unfortunately, a lot of it wasn’t very nice.

As we recently reported, the Flipping 101 host proposed to Heather Rae Young on Saturday, July 26th. He proposed during a boat trip. They were celebrating their one-year anniversary together.

Ant Anstead showed some love to the engaged couple.

Ant Anstead congratulated the couple on their engagement. He commented on the Instagram post HGTV made to announce the engagement news.

“Congratulations you two!! (What took you so long…)” He penned.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before trolls started to respond to his comment.

“Why don’t the four of you all go on a date together? Weirdest relationship ever.” One individual penned in response.

Ant replied: “Err… no thank you x.”

Tarek El Moussa caught heat for dating someone who looked so much like Christina.

Tarek was pegged for having “a type” shortly after news of his relationship with Heather broke. Many insisted she looked an awful lot alike his ex Christina. According to People Magazine, Heather has denied during an interview that she doesn’t look like Christina and wasn’t trying to look like her either.

How would I be ‘trying to look like someone?’ Last time I checked I’ve looked like this my whole life. Yes that’s my ultimate goal, and I even rushed to a doctor to change my whole appearance!!!” adding “Come on guys… let’s stop being ridiculous.”

Still, some have a hard time seeing past their physical similarities.

As hard as it is to believe, Tarek and Christina have not been together since 2016. They officially divorced in 2018. Now, they do still interact because of their connection to Flip or Flop and because they share children together.

Ant Anstead tells Instagram he’s taking a break.

The automotive enthusiast was happy for Tarek and Heather, but he was not happy with the attention he was receiving on social media. So, he decided he was taking a break from the “toxic” environment.

“I have blocked over 100 people in the last few days. Humans are lashing out. And it saddens me!” He explained.

So I am going to take a little break! Use the time to pamper the wife, annoy the kids, eat a vast about of carbs and watch movies that were made in the 1980’s!”

Her encouraged his social media followers to “be kind.” And, he promised he would see everyone soon.

His Instagram followers were sad, but understood.

Ant’s Instagram posts were showered with love and support as he made his announcement. Many were sad to see him taking a break. But, they wished him well. Here’s some of what they had to say.

  • “Read only the positive comments, everything else is just sad, sad jealous trolls. Take time to enjoy your beautiful family!”
  • “Glad you won’t let those crazies bother you. Love your posts and your wife’s posts. We will be here supporting you when you get back. You both are awesome!”
  • “Understand why but sad we won’t see your stories. Take care!”

What do you think about Ant Anstead taking a break from social media because of a massive amount of negativity? Tell us about it in the comments!


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